center speaker – Polk Audio TSi CS10 2017

If the dialogue in your movies is being drowned out by the background music, it’s possible that your home theater has a weak center channel speaker. Switching to a high-quality center speaker, like the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winning Polk Audio TSi CS10, will bring balance back to your surround sound system. This 2-way center speaker doesn’t have the range of the Yamaha NS-C310, and it doesn’t have the various drivers of the Infinity Primus PC350, but it still is one of the best center speakers we found in our review.


This 2-way center speaker does not have a dedicated midrange driver, but it does have two 5.25-inch woofers that handle the middle frequency and low frequency tones. These woofers are made with bi-laminate organic fiber cones. The organic fiber on these drivers isn’t as rigid as metal, so it is able to move and vibrate more freely.

A single 1-inch tweeter is responsible for the high frequency signals. This magnetically-shielded dome tweeter is made with a soft silk material. This helps give an organic and natural sound to your center speakers. This tweeter is slightly smaller than the 1.1-inch driver of the Yamaha NS-C310, but it is still capable of producing plenty of sound.

The Polk Audio TSi CS10 recommends 20 to 150 watts of amplifier power for the best audio quality. Anything below 20 watts may not produce enough sound. Anything over 150 watts may cause permanent damage to your center speakers. This range of recommended power is fairly standard of our top-ranked products in this review.

This center channel speaker only measures 6.5 inches high, 9.75 inches deep and 20 inches wide. It weighs 16 pounds. This unit should easily fit on top of your entertainment center or it can also be mounted on the wall. Additionally, it features 0.75-inch thick baffles to aid with sound isolation. Plus, this product is available with a black or cherry wood grain finish, so it can fit a variety of home decor styles.

The Polk Audio TSi CS10 has a frequency response of 53Hz to 25kHz. The average human ear can only hear frequencies between 20Hz to 20kHz, but audio mixers sometimes put in supersonic and subsonic sounds to enrich the listening experience. This center speaker may not go down to 20Hz, but most of the lower frequencies are reproduced by the subwoofer, so a low-end frequency response isn’t as important. It isn’t able to produce frequencies as high as the Yamaha NS-310, but 25kHz is higher than many of the other center speakers in our review.


When an amplifier is putting a current through your audio device, you want to make sure that the impedance levels are evenly matched. Impedance measures how resistant the equipment is to an input of power. This center speaker is rated at 8 ohms. When matching this up with your home theater system, make sure the amplifier is rated at 8 ohms or less.

This center channel speaker has a sensitivity of 91dB. This is one of the highest sensitivity levels we found in our review. Sensitivity measures how much power is required to produce a given volume level in an audio device. A high sensitivity level means less power is required. This center speaker will draw less power and it will play high volumes without static or hissing in the background.

The crossover is the frequency at which a signal is divided among the different drivers. Higher frequencies are sent to the tweeter, while lower frequencies are sent to the woofers. This center speaker has a crossover of 2500Hz. Generally speaking, a higher crossover is more desirable because it makes the signal switch less noticeable. This frequency is lower than most of the specified crossovers in our review.

Polk Audio knows how to make their customers feel comfortable with their products. They offer a wide variety of help and support options. The model is covered by a 5-year limited warranty on parts and labor. However, this warranty only covers the original purchaser of the product. If you have any problems or issues, you can contact customer support by phone, by email or just visit the FAQs page. Live chat is also available, but only when the little chat icon appears in the top right corner of the site during business hours.

If you’re looking for a boost in your home theater audio, this center speaker should definitely be an option to consider. The Polk Audio TSi CS10 offers an impressive frequency response and excellent sensitivity levels. These features, along with the superb support options offered on Polk Audio, are some of the reasons that we found this high-performance center channel speaker to be one of the best.


Help & Support


fantasy sports software – CBS Sports Fantasy Sports

CBS Sports Fantasy Sports, one of the best in the world, offers the second-widest array of fantasy sports with a healthy range of paid packages. You can also try the major games for free before you decide to pay for the full-featured packages. If anything, CBS Sports Fantasy Sports software offers an over stimulating confusion of links, stats and games – but if you’re serious about your fantasy sports you will find everything you need here.


Standout Features

Fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy golf, fantasy auto racing, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey and college basketball brackets can all be played at CBS Sports Fantasy Sports. When setting up a league you will need to register with CBS Sports, which is free.

Then you can name your league, select how many teams you want to have in it, how many divisions and choose your scoring system type: standard, performance, or TD heavy (for football). Standard seem to refer to head-to-head. Performance represents a scoring model that awards different levels of performance bonus and rewards (for instance) longer distance touchdowns. TD heavy only awards points for touchdowns.

The scoring on some of the free CBS Sports Fantasy Sports games has its own monikers – different from the named scoring models you will see with different software products (such as head-to-head, roto, etc). When you pay for a premium package, you can select more specific scoring systems such as head-to-head or points-based.

Standard fantasy hockey scoring is head-to-head. This can be customized with paid premium leagues.

Game/League Types

Each game within the CBS Sports Fantasy Sports software features several levels of game play from free on up to paid premium packages.

Join free public or private leagues with the plain old Fantasy Football game. This is all free, all season: great for beginners but most certainly lacking in features for more advanced fantasy gamers.

Fantasy Football Premium Games offer four levels of paid, full-featured and prize-eligible fantasy football play: Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Double Diamond. The features seem to be all great and identical with the exception of prize money and cost. Clearly, the more money you pay into a premium game, the more you become eligible to win. Gold pricing starts as $39.99 for the first team and $29.99 for each additional team with a prize money level of $200. Platinum pricing starts at $99.99 for your first team and $79.99 for each additional team with a prize money level of $600. Diamond league costs $249.99 for your first team and $199.99 for each additional team and prize money of $1,600. Double Diamond – the highest premium level at CBS Sports Fantasy Sports begins at $499.99 for your first team and $449.99 for each additional team. The available prize money at this level is a whopping $3,500.

If you’re looking to be a commissioner Fantasy Football Commissioner begins at $149.95 depending on the options you choose. Begin by selecting Fantasy Football Commissioner and you will be prompted to name your league, decide how many teams and divisions there will be, and invite your managers to join the league and begin naming their teams. You will also select your league rules, scoring system, schedule and playoffs, draft and rosters at this time.

Mock drafts and a downloadable draft kit are other products offered for fantasy football games.

Fantasy baseball packages offer comparable levels of free and premium paid play: Fantasy Baseball Free, Fantasy Baseball Premium Games and Fantasy Baseball Commissioner.


Fantasy Hockey Premium Games offer two levels of premium, prize-eligible leagues: Gold and Platinum. Gold level is $29.99 to enter your first team and $24.99 for additional teams with a prize money level of $150. Platinum level begins at $99.99 for your first team entry fee, $79.99 for each additional team and a prize level of up to $600 in cash. Fantasy hockey games on CBS also include mock drafts and a downloadable draft kit.

Or you can opt to play for free in Fantasy Hockey Free.


CBS Sports Fantasy Sports is chock full of features within and without each of your fantasy leagues. Leagues feature all the required elements such as live scoring, customizable and etc. Some of the standout research oriented features include Rate My Draft and Fantasy University.

Rate My Draft allows you to submit your draft to CBS Fantasy Sports experts and they will evaluate your progress and clue you in to special tips applicable to your specific situation. This feature could definitely imbue your league with a bit of an advantage over competitors, though anyone can submit their draft for specialized advice as well, it’s still cool and unique to this software.

Fantasy University is another unique feature to CBS. It’s a kind of fantasy 101 for those unfamiliar with the ways of fantasy games. Baseball, football and basketball fantasy games are all covered here as “core classes” to help the beginner understand the nature of fantasy games and can teach anyone to be successful at these games. You can also take a “College Hoops Bracketology” seminar.

Help was inordinately hard to find for CBS Sports Fantasy Sports software. Searching “help” seemed to be the easiest way to find the pop-up FAQs page where you can then search by keyword and perform advanced searches to access all manner of technical answers to fantasy league questions.


There is a help center located within each league but it was offline and non-functional as of this review. In which case, the main CBS Sports Help pop-up advised us to submit our question under the “Ask a Question” tab in the pop-up.

CBS Sports Fantasy Sports software offers a lot of options for all levels of fantasy gamer from beginner to obsessive/compulsive semi-pros.

disk recovery software – Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional, 2017

We collected 48 performance metrics from 10 of the top names in data recovery and were impressed with what we found in Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional. Ontrack consistently scored better than average in nearly all areas.

File Recovery Success

EasyRecovery Professional also scored consistently well in the area of scanning and recovery speed. It was one of the fastest we measured on hard disk drive (HDD) recovery by scanning and recovering 98% of our lost files at a rate of over 18 gigabytes per hour.

This feature-loaded software comes with one of the best recovery engines available and is backed up by a leader in the data recovery industry, Kroll Ontrack. Like all of our top three choices in this disk recovery software review, this software is built on the experience of Kroll Ontrack’s own data recovery facility. Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional has earned our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for best disk recovery software.

We tested this software on recovering two kinds of data loss: lost files and files on a reformatted drive. Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional is an excellent example of a diversified product. Our testing identified several strengths in this software, and a few weaknesses as well. It showed aptitude in recovering picture and MS Office files on all devices, but those numbers fell as the damage became worse.

One of the biggest challenges to data recovery is managing the sheer number of found files. For example, Ontrack returned almost 64GB of raw data from a 10GB scanned partition, which is one of the largest amounts of raw data we saw returned. This disk recovery software has some features to help you manage that large amount of data, including the ability to preview files and filter results. You can also limit the number of raw files that come through in a scan by selecting the less extensive search options at the Recovery Scenario screen; however, you will not enjoy as thorough results as we found. It’s also worth noting that only 1.24GBs of the returned raw data were whole files. The rest were too damaged for the software to recognize them.

Ontrack recognizes over 400 common file headers, which covers a large variety file types, and this list is frequently updated. Previous versions also offered a hex editor to repair headers, but this feature is no longer available with this software ??? which is, truthfully, just as well since it has the potential to harm your system if not used correctly. Kroll Ontrack does host a data recovery lab, and we highly recommend your contact them for complex data recovery situations before tackling them yourself. Like most other software packages we reviewed, this one can perform partition recovery and offers RAID recovery features. However, for network recovery, you will need to look into the Enterprise version of this software.

Raw Recovery Speed

Many recovery programs are designed to help you make your experience better while mitigating the risk you take in do-it-yourself data recovery. Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional works with your hard drives and devices to tell you if they are in anything but perfect working order. Kroll???s Bad Block Management utility warns you of potential physical damage and EasyRecovery gives you options to handle it. The software offers disk imaging to help you capture the information from the failing device for other scanning options.

Scanning large drives takes time. Ontrack was the fastest at scanning our test HDD and had above average scanning speeds on the SSD and SDXC. But even at its fastest, 18GB per hour, it would still take you longer than a day to scan a 500GB hard drive. This software can help you cut down on that time by letting you search by file type. You can also pause the scan or stop it altogether and save your progress.

Ontrack EasyRecovery has a lot of the support items we like seeing, such as remote support and an in-program help file. The user manual is a browser-based application built into the software designed to walk you through your own data recovery. While it does a good job of taking you through the process, it???s not easily searchable. The manual is not designed to answer complicated questions for advanced users. As your situation becomes increasingly technical, the documentation starts deferring questions to the Kroll technical support team, which advice you would be wise to follow.

EasyRecovery Professional is backed up by Kroll???s real-world data recovery lab. While Ontrack EasyRecovery can address many of your immediate data recovery needs, the added support of a professional data recovery service means that Kroll will be able to manage your data recovery needs beyond what EasyRecovery Professional is designed to handle.

Kroll Ontrack is a leader in data recovery, and Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional is one of the best disk recovery software brands available. The company has a proven data recovery record and it shows in its software. It gave us great recovery results in our testing, and it comes loaded with features to help make your own recovery the best possible.


Help & Support


energy management software – EFT’s Energy, 2017

EFT’s Energy Manager AutoStart is designed for your business, especially if you have never used energy management software, or EMS, before. It lets you obtain data from one or more meters or control systems and monitor several types of utilities. It works with specific data collection devices to obtain information and transfer it to your system so it can be stored and managed. This software requires a subscription, and data can only be obtained online. Ongoing technical support is offered. Carbon emission reports and comparison reports are available for complying with government requirements as well as benchmarking your performance against your past usage and other businesses.

This energy monitoring software is a hosted service that requires internet access for you to obtain your data. The information collected about your utility use is found on a provided website, which requires a subscription. A one-year subscription to this website is provided when you purchase the EFT software, but you need to renew it each year.

Data is uploaded to the website either manually or through data-collecting devices like the EFT Nano, EFT Optimizer, EFT DATATrak or Tridium JACE. Information, such as the amount of water, electricity, natural gas or steam you use, is obtained by the devices at the control system or meter and transferred to the EFT center. You can then log onto the website and manage the information and obtain reports. Energy management systems then analyze all of the data and provide you with results you can understand.

This EMS offers several options when it comes to reporting, including annual reports, building performance reports and multiple meter reports. In addition, carbon emission reports are available to help you keep up with government and legal obligations your company might have. Comparison reports are also offered, letting you compare your energy usage to your past use and other companies.

Support for this building energy management system is provided from the start but doesn’t stop there. You also receive user training and ongoing support from qualified professionals who can help you with everything from login problems to technical issues.

Having an energy manager system in place can help you monitor energy consumption and save money. EFT AutoStart requires a subscription but works with several data-collection devices, analyzes data for you and helps you obtain reports that you need to meet regulatory requirements. You also receive plenty of ongoing support and can benchmark your company against past use and comparable companies.

dishwasher – Maytag Stainless Steel Tub 2017

The Maytag MDB4949SDM dishwasher uses high temperatures, steam and spray jets to clean your dishes. Between the heat and water pressure, this dishwasher can clean heavily soiled dishes without a problem.


This built-in dishwasher is not the most energy-efficient. It projects an annual operating cost of $32, which is higher than most of the other units in our lineup. While this dishwasher is certified by ENERGY STAR, it does not have an eco-friendly wash cycle. While this means higher energy usage and costs, the dishwasher has short cycle times, with its normal cycle only running for 111 minutes.

This Maytag dishwasher offers five wash cycles and five wash options that provide you with basic washing capabilities. The unit???s cycles include auto clean, normal, PowerBlast, quick wash and rinse only. Unfortunately, the dishwasher does not have wash zones, nor does it offer a top rack-only cycle. However, you can pair the wash options to the cycles. These include a 24-hour delay-start timer, a control lock, heated dry, a high-temperature wash and a sanitizing rinse.

The integrated dishwasher has adjustable racks and fold-down tines that you can use to alter the interior to hold your oversized and odd-shaped dishes. The model holds up to 12 place settings on two racks. It has three spray arms, as well as spray jets, that effectively clean your dishes. The dishwasher also has a status light that displays the status of the cycle. This Maytag dishwasher locks when it is closed to prevent children from disrupting the cycle.

The tub of this dishwasher is made out of stainless steel. The material not only performs as insulation lowering the noise, but it also serves as a heating element that helps dry the dishes quickly. The dishwasher measures at 50 decibels when it is running, which is louder than most of the units in our lineup. However, the machine still operates quietly enough that you will not notice it running.

This stainless steel dishwasher includes several features that make it convenient and easy to use. With a 24-hour delay-start timer, you can run the dishwasher during off-peak hours and save on your energy bill. This unit also includes a hard-food disposer and a self-cleaning filter. While these increase the noise level of the dishwasher, they make it so you do not have to manually clean food out of the dishwasher.

Maytag provides a solid warranty with this unit. The parts and labor are covered for one year, while the electronics, racks, tub and liner are covered for 10 years. If you need to contact Maytag, the website lists a phone number, email and a link to its live chat.

Between the heat, steam and jets, this dishwasher will thoroughly clean your dishes so that you do not have to prewash or soak them. The various wash cycles and options employ these features and clean your dishes in a minimal amount of time. While it lacks energy-efficient options, this dishwasher still operates at a comparable price to the other dishwashers in our comparison.

ecommerce software – Shopify 2017

Shopify eCommerce software has a simple web-design interface and the largest number of add-ons we’ve seen in any shopping cart software. It boasts top-notch security and online education and support.


Its website design isn’t difficult to use, but you’ll make changes in the administrative section and then see the results in another window. Some eCommerce platforms let you modify the template on the template itself, which makes it easy to see the effect your changes have. One thing we really liked, however, is that Shopify immediately integrates your point-of-sale system in the setup wizard. If you have a brick-and-mortar store as well as an online business, this convenience is worth considering.

Shopify surpasses other top eCommerce solutions in its ability to integrate with third-party apps. Most companies include more features as a part of their programs but interact with fewer apps. With Shopify, you have incredible flexibility in designing your online store, but you may incur additional fees and will work with companies outside Shopify for individual features. Also, if you have the Starter plan, you cannot integrate apps.

Shopify has automated some of the best features for an online store. Customer reviews, product comparisons and image zoom let shoppers research your products right on your website, increasing the chance that they’ll purchase from you. Email confirmations and live-order tracking reassure buyers on the status of their purchases. If you’d like your customers to easily connect to a salesperson, Shopify has live chat functionality, something not all eCommerce solutions offer.

Online shoppers are wary of credit card and identity theft. Shopify has features that can put your customers at ease. This eCommerce platform utilizes a 256-bit SSL-encrypted checkout to protect personal data and is PCI compliant. For your protection, Shopify offers risk analysis, its equivalent of fraud scoring, which rates your customers on a series of known risk factors and flags potential fraudulent purchases.

This service only provides sales reports if you are on a Professional or higher plan, but it does integrate with QuickBooks and Google Analytics. You can manage your dropshipping orders via the back office as well. The administrative panel is mobile friendly, making it easier to do business on your phone or tablet.

Shopify has excellent help and support that goes beyond working the software. It has the usual ability to reach customer service by phone, email or live chat. However, the online manual is one of the best we’ve seen. Shopify’s eCommerce University has articles, mentors and programs to ensure your online business succeeds.

While many of the features involve extra fees, Shopify is one of the most flexible shopping cart programs available and is designed to grow with your business needs. It has excellent security, a good interface and strong features that, combined with the educational support for your business, make Shopify an excellent choice for eCommerce software.

cmms software – Projectech Maximo 2017

IBM Projetech Maximo enterprise computerized maintenance management (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) software helps large facilities manage and automate all aspects of their maintenance operations. By setting up a series of workflows and if/then scenarios, Maximo can handle general maintenance operations, manage equipment history, help to automate maintenance scheduling, establish a preventative maintenance schedule for each bit of equipment and even help facilities managers anticipate what might need maintenance soon based on past performance and current conditions.

Projetech Maximo is designed for organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. It is available as a software as a service product (SaaS) or as a traditional software package.

One of the main features built into this CMMS software is the predictive power to anticipate potential issues with equipment and reduce equipment downtime by scheduling appropriate ongoing maintenance and determining when a machine is more likely to need additional servicing. This feature also helps control maintenance expenses and cut spare parts inventories and the costs that come with them. This system can confer additional benefits such as improving facility and workplace safety and keeping personnel informed and satisfied.

Purchasing the software or using the SaaS version of Maximo can help you maintain workflow ??? taking work orders and scheduling them appropriately to the right staff throughout the workday or week. You can use Projetech Maximo to manage and track all of your facility???s assets, as well as handle procurement and all of your contracts.

Maximo is also designed to work with other systems, so you can integrate asset tracking with existing tracking and software programs for barcode management, and run reports that finance or operations departments can use seamlessly in their own systems.

One advantage of selecting the SaaS option is the ease of connecting to Maximo from almost any device. Maximo SaaS also includes ongoing help desk service and a dedicated Maximo project manager, as well as the ongoing automatic upgrades you can expect from any SaaS solution.

Projetech Maximo is an IBM partner product, and as such it is very thorough. Although any business can use this CMMS, it is more appropriate for large scale businesses that need a high degree of functionality and reporting, as well as the type of integration capabilities that IBM supports.

dvd players – Sharp Bd-hp20u

Editor’s Note: This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can still read our original review, but product review no longer updating the information for this product. Check out our Blu-Ray Players review for more up-to-date information.

With Blu-ray slated to take over the movie watching world, the market for Blu-ray players is growing at an exponential rate. They are becoming more popular and affordable every day with additional manufacturers, like Sharp, jumping into the game.

The Sharp Bd-hp20u is an affordable Blu-ray player that supports 1080p DVD upconversion, analog outputs and digital HDMI input, with a 118 db dynamic range and 12bit/108MHz video DAC. With this system Blu-ray discs shine on any high-definition television.

Critics found the Sharp Bd-hp20u to be a sleek system with a minimalist feel, however, since it’s a first generation machine, the firmware is not upgradable. Therefore, additional features added to Blu-ray discs in the future may not be compatible. There are mixed reviews from users, it seems to be a love it or hate it kind of device.

Blu-ray is sure to be the future of home video, and although the price tag is still a little steep, the Sharp Bd-hp20u is a good option if you feel you’re in need of an upgrade.

expense tracking services – BizXpense Tracker 2017

BizXpenseTracker is a business expense tracking service that is also a mobile app. This means you can take this program with you and enter receipt information immediately after the purchase rather than saving receipts for later. This app also tracks miles traveled for work related trips and tracks time when you are working on a specific project. The amount of features and tools included with this app is only part of the reason BizXpense is our Top Ten Review Bronze Award winner for expense tracking services.

Expense, Miles & Time Tracking

This program allows you to use your device camera to take a quick picture of your receipt or invoice. BizXpense uses OCR intelligent scan technology to extract data from your receipts and enter it into appropriate fields, so you don’t have to manually enter information on your own. We did notice while testing that if other numbers were included on the receipt, such as sales rates or promotional coupons, that BizXpense sometimes misreads them for the purchase total and will enter this number into the app. It isn’t difficult to manually change this, and all other information was correctly recorded.

In addition to tracking expenses, BizXpense lets you track time that you spend on a particular project. You simply set a timer and do your work. When you’re done and stop the timer, time will be automatically recorded so all you have to do is designate which project and what work was done for that time period. This is especially useful if you bill clients for hours worked and that work is done outside of your office or away from your time management program.

BizXpenseTracker has fields so you can track miles traveled while on a business trip. The IRS does give tax credits for miles traveled for business, so being able to record this information is a good way to save your business money. However, unlike other expense tracking services we reviewed, BizXpense doesn’t include GPS tracking capabilities. However, for an additional charge, you can upgrade your services to include this feature that automatically tracks and records your miles traveled.

In addition to tracking your business expenses, it is helpful when solutions include additional features to make accounting and budgeting more easy. BizXpenseTracker allows you to create email invoices and export CSV files that are compatible with accounting software, including QuickBooks and FreshBooks. These files are also compatible with ADP payroll services. This app doesn’t have designated budgeting tools, but you can tag an expense to be reimbursed when it’s time to run payroll.

BizXpenseTracker is only one of two solutions we reviewed that provides every support option we looked for. This company provides several video tutorials to help you and your employees learn how to use this app. If you have a question, you can check out the FAQs section for a quick response. If the answer isn’t there, both email and telephone support are answered by very helpful, courteous and professional individuals.

Accounting & Budgeting

BizXpenseTracker is a great mobile app for tracking your business expenses, miles traveled for work and time spent on a project. This information can be used to create an invoice from the program, or it can be saved into CSV files to be shared with your accounting software or payroll service. The only major drawback is the OCR scan at times misreads receipts and enters some incorrect information, though you have the ability to save these images and manually change any discrepancies.

Support & Training


diy alarm monitoring – Fortress 2017

If you want a comprehensive DIY security system without the burden of locked-in contracts and monthly fees, the Fortress S02-C wireless security system is an option that you should consider. Users of this system praise its ease of installation and the accuracy and reliability of its supported security devices and peripherals.

The Fortress S02-C is a pet-immune system, which means its motion sensors won’t trigger the alarm if it detects movement of animals under a certain size. This feature is a must if you have pets that move freely throughout your home and could trigger false alarms.

This Fortress system should also be easy to install. Most people claim installation took less than two hours and the manufacturer provides comprehensible instructions and online tutorial videos to ensure a seamless installation of your system.

Some of the security peripherals that come with this system include contact sensors for doors and windows, panic buttons, motion detectors and remote fobs. The security devices do require lead acid batteries that you will have to replace relatively often. Many DIY security systems use lithium batteries, which can have a battery life of several years. Most users do not seem to mind this, but longer-lasting batteries would enhance the system.

Like most DIY home security systems, you can purchase additional accessories to expand this system. Aside from the customization options this provides, it also ensures the system can grow with your needs. For example, you can expand the system if you move into a new, larger home.

A standout feature of this DIY alarm system seems to be its supplementary customer support. Most online customer reviews indicate the support provided by the manufacturer of this DIY security alarm system is stellar. A support rep will walk you through installation if you need assistance. Additionally, the company is known for sending replacement parts with no questions asked.

The Fortress S02-C DIY home alarm is a robust and comprehensive system that may be a good fit for your home. Designed to protect against threats such as fire and burglary, this system is reliable and customizable to fit your specific needs.