convert pdf software – Infix Professional, 2017

While many convert PDF software choices focus on converting, securing and combining files, Infix Professional specializes in creation and editing. The application has a number of benefits, including the ability to catch typos in PDF documents; however, it lacks many of the design features and tools that we found in other applications.


Like most PDF conversion programs, Infix converts and combines files, allows for digital signatures, and has commenting tools. However, Infix’s greatest strength lies in its editing features. Infix lets you edit within the PDF as if in the original program. For example, if your PDF is in a font that Infix does not have as part of its programming, you can still type in that font as long you use characters already found in the section. Most PDF conversion software reverts to a standard font or flashes an error message.

You can add multimedia to your PDFs, including movies. Only a few of the PDF creation software we reviewed have this feature. It can create and modify forms as well as read them and allow you to fill out forms that were not originally interactive.

One drawback to Infix is that the software itself seems a little out of date. The interface resembles an old version of Word, and some of the most common commands, like add an image, are tucked away in menus instead of being on the command ribbon for easy access. In addition, while it claims to be able to fill out any form, it would not recognize some fields in a W2 form we found online and would not fill in sections.

Another frustration with this software is that it does not convert to Microsoft Office formats, nor does it have the ability to convert PDF to JPG. While it says this is not necessary, since it can edit within its own program, there are other reasons for wanting to be able to save in DOCX. To do that, this PDF converter recommends a third-party PDF conversion software or paying Infix an extra fee for this service. It also lacks some business features, like Bates numbering and PDF/A conversion. However, if you want to create eBooks, this one of the few convert PDF programs we reviewed that converts to EPUB.

Iceni, Infix’s parent company, is based in England, but you can still connect with support via telephone and email. There is a user guide in the program, but it comes up in edit mode on the software, which makes it a little awkward to use. The tutorials are sparse as well.

Infix Pro does more than convert PDFs. With this application, you can create and edit PDFs quickly, regardless of the PDF tool used to create them and without having to convert them to another format. While it lacks a PDF to word converter, it’s one of the few PDF conversion programs that works in LINUX. While the interface takes some getting used to, it’s a program worth considering.