cordless drill – Hitachi 2017

Hitachi’s cordless drills are some of the best on the market, and the DS18DSAL meets this expectation. This cordless drill reaches up to 1,800 RPMs, which is one of the fastest speeds we’ve seen out of the tools we reviewed, and can produce up to 460 inch-pounds of torque. Because of its power, battery life and support options, the Hitachi DS18DSAL earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for best cordless drill.


This cordless drill combines speed with power, as it is capable of reaching 1,800 RPMs and can produce a maximum 460 inch-pounds of turning force. This combination makes the Hitachi DS18DSAL rather versatile as a drill and screwdriver, and the two speed settings allow you to switch between the two functions without issue. The high setting is ideal for drill applications, and the low setting is used for driving screws. The Hitachi DS18DSAL also has 22 clutch settings that you can use in the low speed setting to help you avoid driving screws too far into your material.

This drill is capable of creating holes in metal that are half an inch in diameter, which is good for a cordless drill. However, it can only create 1.75-inch holes in wood, which is on the lower end of the spectrum.

The Hitachi DS18DSAL is designed ergonomically, meaning the weight of the drill is balanced both above and below the grip. This balance helps you control the drill more easily, as top-heavy drills can cause an awkward distribution of weight in your hand. This drill is lightweight, weighing in at just under 3.5 pounds. The combination of a balanced weight distribution and overall lightweight design makes the drill comfortable to use all day and helps you avoid unnecessary stress or injury.

This drill uses a half-inch keyless chuck, which is incredibly useful. Keyless chucks allow you to securely fasten bits to the drill by hand, which means you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting the chuck key. Misplaced chuck keys are always the most frustrating when you are at the top of the ladder and need to switch bits. The innovation of the keyless chuck alleviates this issue. The drill has an onboard LED that illuminates the workspace in front of you, which is a great safety feature.

The Hitachi DS18DSAL utilizes 18-volt lithium-ion batteries, which are well known across the industry for being lightweight, long-lived and powerful. This drill comes with two batteries, so you can switch them out quickly if the drill runs out of juice. In the event that both batteries need charging, you only have to wait 40 minutes for a full charge. Unfortunately, the drill does not include a battery meter, or charge indicator, to show you how much charge is left on the battery.


Hitachi has the best tool warranty compared to any other cordless drill we reviewed. The lifetime lithium-ion tool warranty protects you from any defect in material or workmanship from the purchase date. Hitachi also offers a two-year warranty on the batteries. However, both warranties are void if you try to repair or alter the tool yourself, if any issue is the result of normal wear and tear, or if a defect appears from tool abuse.

If you have any questions concerning the drill, you can contact Hitachi via email, but not over the phone. You can also check out the online user manuals if you misplace the physical copy included with the drill. The company’s website does not currently offer a FAQs section, but it states that one is coming soon.

The Hitachi DS18DSAL is one of the best cordless drills we reviewed. The drill can reach up to 1,800 RPMs, which is impressive, and can punch 460 inch-pounds of turning force. With two speed settings and 22 clutch settings, this Hitachi drill is rather versatile. Unfortunately, it has a low capacity for drilling holes into wood. However, it has the best tool warranty out of all the cordless drills we reviewed. Overall, the Hitachi DS18DSAL is a solid drill that you can use for a variety of projects and jobs.


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