cordless phones – AT&T CLP99483 2017

AT&T has been a well-respected landline phone provider for decades. Although the company focuses more on its wireless network nowadays, it has a handful of landline telephones available. The company’s best cordless phone is the CLP99483. It would work in either a home or work setting since you can expand the system to use up to 12 handsets. The phone has a large base with a full dial pad, a loud speakerphone and a useful intercom feature.


This cordless phone has an average talk time of just seven hours and it will take around seven days for the battery to deplete when the handset is in standby mode. The phone takes 11 hours to recharge, which is quite long; fortunately, it comes with four handsets, so if one dies you can just swap it for another.

Both the base and the handset have clear speakerphones that sound great. The phone would be perfect for a conference call in a boardroom or as a desk phone for several employees in an office setting. It has an answering machine that will store 14 minutes of recorded messages and you can pair a wireless Bluetooth headset to the phone.

Not only can you pair a headset, you can also connect up to two cellphones using AT&T’s Connect to Cell technology. There is a USB port on the side of the base, which you can use to charge your cell phone. After you pair your cell phone, you can make and take phone calls and get text messages forwarded to the cordless handsets. Both the handset and the base have large, illuminated buttons, so dialing is comfortable and easy. Plus the buttons have big bold letters that are easy to read, making it one of the best home phones those with impaired vision.

One huge advantage this cordless home phone has over others is the display on the base. Most models only display information on the handsets. Not only does it have caller ID on each individual handset, the base has a large screen, so you can see past callers or scroll through your phonebook entries. The phone has enough memory to store 200 names and numbers, and it will keep track of the last 50 callers. It doesn’t have an alarm functionality like some other cordless phones do, but it has an intercom so you can page your family members or coworkers.

AT&T provides a one-year warranty for this phone. There is also a handful of support options, including help via telephone, email and even online chat. You can also download a PDF of the instruction manual or read FAQs on AT&T’s website.

This AT&T cordless phone set has a lot to offer and would work equally well in a business setting as it would in a home environment. Its large display, loud speakerphones and seamless Bluetooth pairing make it a solid choice.