data recovery software – R-Studio 2017

R-Studio is a data recovery tool designed for the advanced user. Its scanning engine is the best we’ve seen. However, we found that it struggled in recovering files from our reformatted device and hard drives without direct user intervention with the built-in hex editor. While these are useful features, the advanced nature of the tool makes it one that requires some know-how to use effectively; in fact, improper use of the tool could easily make files irretrievable.


For those that are comfortable with sophisticated data recovery tools, R-Studio’s recovery options are so much more than just scan and recovery. It maps your device as it scans, allowing you to directly access fragments found on the drive with the hex editor. This means that if you know what you’re doing, you can perform a manual recovery that may yield better results than the software’s automatic features.

Being able to scan a network connected drive or device is an advantage that not many other recovery products provide. It also features disk sanitization, which adds to its value by allowing you to wipe clean your old hard drives before you discard them.

We tested R-Studio’s recovery capabilities on two different kinds of data loss: lost files and reformatted drives. Below are the results from our testing.

While some of the brands we tested did perform better on the side of data recovery, the advanced tools available with R-Studio mean the right user can get better results with a manual recovery. However, the advanced tools require some level of expertise to employ. Other useful capabilities include remote scanning and a disk sanitation feature. However, the automated data recovery tools the software offers only did an average job at recovering data in our testing.