dehumidifiers – Comfort-Aire BHD-701-H 2017

Comfort-Aire’s goal is to make living areas more comfortable. The BHD-701-H dehumidifier does just that by leveling out the humidity in your home. It not only makes your home more comfortable to be in, it also saves you energy and money. Its features and capabilities make it a top-rated dehumidifier, and it earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.


The Comfort-Aire BHD-701-H dehumidifier is capable of removing a hearty 70 pints of water from the air in a 24-hour period, which is excellent moisture extraction and can certainly make a difference in the comfort level of your home. In addition, excessive moisture can be hazardous to your health since it can create an unpleasant breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and it can damage the structure of your house and its possessions with mold and mildew. A quality dehumidifier can make a world of difference, and the Comfort-Aire presents plenty of worthwhile features to improve your interior surroundings.

Among other things, this dehumidifier can regulate the moisture in rooms that span up to 2,500 square feet. This is smaller than the area covered by our top-rated dehumidifier, but it’s still a substantial amount of space.

This dehumidifier offers a collection reservoir that holds 12.7 pints of water, which means you have to empty the bucket often, unless you make use of its continuous drainage capabilities. Doing that is easy since you attach a hose to the appliance and that releases the water through the hose into a nearby drain, which is one reason why this would be an excellent choice for a basement dehumidifier since many basements feature drains. If you opt for continuous drainage, you no longer need to monitor the water levels.

This is a somewhat noisy dehumidifier, measuring 58.3 decibels when it’s operating, which is noisy in many quarters and is another reason why this would be a great dehumidifier for basements.

There are many features with this dehumidifier that make it a self-maintaining machine: It has an automatic restart, shut-off and defrost feature so that you do not have to constantly check the unit. It automatically turns on and off to meet the level of humidity that you set. The defrost feature makes it a perfect option for a basement dehumidifier or one that you use primarily in a garage or storage area in your home. The Comfort-Aire can withstand cool temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit and automatically defrosts itself to prevent the water from freezing and damaging the unit.


The dehumidifier includes both a full-bucket alert as well as the handy feature of a small window in front that displays visible water levels so you can monitor when the bucket needs to be emptied.

Additionally, the unit includes a digital display where the humidistat and other controls are located. The control panel allows you to choose from the two different fan speeds, depending on how much humidity you have and how quickly you need it removed. The dehumidifier also comes with a removable air filter. While it is extracting moisture from the air, it is also filtering out unwanted bacteria and dust.

It also comes with a one-year warranty for parts and replacement, assuming that they are subjected to normal use. You also get a five-year warranty for the sealed system portion of the device.

The dehumidifier is a large model. It is 10.8 inches deep, 15.4 inches wide and 23.3 inches high, and it weighs 39.7 pounds. It is a standalone model that you can place in the corner of any room you want dehumidified. Luckily, it has four casters to help with portability when you want to it into another part of the house.

Given the capacity and capabilities of the dehumidifier, it uses a relatively small amount of energy to run in comparison to other units. The dehumidifier runs on 720 watts, which is just slightly above the average for products in our lineup, and Energy Star rates it an energy-efficient model. With its white exterior, it is a subtle appliance that would likely blend in well with nearly any décor.

Comfort-Aire’s dehumidifier makes your home a more comfortable place by removing excess moisture from the air. It extracts a generous 70 pints of moisture every 24 hours. Using a conservative amount of energy, the dehumidifier regulates humidity nicely, makes your home more comfortable, helps preserve your possessions from mold and mildew, and ensures you have cleaner air to breathe. With all of the features and convenient characteristics of this dehumidifier, you rarely need to check the unit, especially if you utilize the continuous-draining feature.