digital asset management software – Bynder 2017

Bynder is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner for a digital asset management solution. This DAM software is an advanced and feature-filled application with many tools to help you manage numerous aspects of your digital assets. You can use it to easily store, classify and secure assets with permission-setting options and access levels. This solution also provides a few distinctive features, including time management capabilities.

Management Features

This digital asset management software can help you manage your assets as soon as you upload the content into the system. This software allows you to batch-upload numerous assets at once. It also features drag-and-drop capabilities, so the upload process can be handled in just a few clicks of the mouse.

One benefit to using this software is its waiting-room feature. Before your assets can be added to the asset bank, they must be approved so you know exactly what assets are being stored and their condition.

There are several search features for finding your assets. You can simply search for an asset or a keyword. Or you can filter results to find the exact content you are looking for. With the software’s “suggested search results” tool, as you type a keyword or an asset in the search bar, a list of suggested results will appear based on keywords, filters and titles.

Another large advantage to Bynder is its simple interface. This software is fairly straightforward to use and the interface is crisp and aesthetically pleasing. However, we did have to spend some time within the software before we could find many of the features and tools we were looking for.

The sharing and collaboration tools provided in this application met our full expectations. You can share content directly with individuals or as a collection using a URL. You can send any size of file, and there are no upload limits.

Sharing & Collaboration

You can easily collaborate, add comments and edit content. If any changes have been made, you can receive notifications alerting you of the change. With the version control options, you can go back to previous versions of a file without spending time undoing every little change.

Several security features are in place to ensure that all of your assets are safe from loss or theft. All of your content is backed up on a regular basis. All data is transferred using an SSL encryption. You can also easily set permission settings on individual assets and only grant access to certain employees. You can place watermarks on content to keep it from being stolen or used by people who do no not have the proper authorization.

Bynder has several additional features that it make it enjoyable to use. This application allows you to fully customize the interface. You can easily customize the theme to make it match the color and font of your company. These customization features make it feel like your own application instead of a standard software product.

Bynder provides mobile capabilities so you can access your assets from any location at any time. And with its time management options, you can assign tasks and manage deadlines and schedules within the application. This feature is not available on many similar services.

Email, telephone and live chat support options are available for reaching Bynder representatives. We were impressed with the detailed and fast responses we received via email and live chat. All of the reps we spoke to were friendly, knowledgeable and willing to assist us.

There are also numerous online resources to help you get more information about this company and its software. A knowledgebase provides numerous resources, including how-to guides and getting-started documents. There are also white papers available on the company website, as well as FAQs.


Bynder is a digital asset management solution with many benefits, including its extensive set of management features and several security tools. It also allows you to easily collaborate, edit and share content. Furthermore, this solution provides strong customer support and we had a pleasant time interacting with company representatives. Overall, Bynder is DAM software that will not leave you disappointed.

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