diy alarm monitoring – SecurityMan 2017

When it comes to DIY home security systems, expandability and ease of use seem to be top priorities for homeowners. The SecurityMan Air-AlarmIIE is one system that handily exceeds expectations in regard to both of these, according to online customer reviews. Whether you want to secure an apartment rental or your single-family home, this DIY home alarm is one option to consider.

SecurityMan touts this system as a comprehensive security solution that requires a minimum investment. Most reviews of the system that we came across seem to support this claim. The system is competitively priced, as are its wide array of additional security devices that you can add individually to the system. Plus, the absence of a contract for professional monitoring means there are no steep monthly fees associated with this system.

When you pull this system out of the box, the sensors included with the SecurityMan Air-AlarmIIE are already paired to the control panel. This should make for an easy and quick installation. It also makes this DIY security system a good option if you are reluctant to attempt installing a home security system on your own.

Despite its widely reported ease of use, it???s still possible that you could run into installation or technical issues. Fortunately, the manufacturer provides technical support via email. The SecurityMan website also hosts an array of informative FAQs and detailed product manuals. Both of these online resources have information pertaining specifically to the Air-AlarmIIE system.

One of the best things about this do-it-yourself security system is it supports up to 60 security devices, ranging from motion sensors to smoke detectors. Most homeowners aren???t likely to need this many sensors, but having that option gives the Air-AlarmIIE unparalleled versatility and it ensures the system can expand as much as you may need in the future.

Few DIY alarm systems have the expandability that the SecurityMan Air-AlarmIIE system boasts. Its impressive growth capacity makes the system ideal for homes of all sizes. If you are looking for an expandable DIY home security system that will undoubtedly fit your budget, we would recommend starting your search with the SecurityMan Air-AlarmIIE.