dvd and video to ipod software – 1Click

Much like the name suggests, 1Click DVDTOIPOD is a user-friendly iPod conversion program that allows you to copy your favorite DVDs to your iPod in one click. It’s that simple. However, unlike many of the other software programs we included, 1Click is missing two features; one, the company does not have a video to iPod program and two, the software does not include a DVD decrypter.

Features Set

However, once past the encryptions, the copies we made were excellent and 1Click worked with more DVDs than any other product we reviewed.

1Click’s goal is to keep the program as simple as possible. By going to the “options” feature you can adjust picture quality, output dimensions and name the output destination. We would like to see 1Click in incorporate a few advanced features that allow you to select a start and stop time and select chapters.

This is one of the few pieces of software included in this review that did not include a CSS decryper. However, we did not hold this against 1Click entirely. We suspect in the near future, most of these programs will not have the ability to decrypt DVDs and require a third party decryption program.

Because 1Click only converts DVDs it is only able to read and convert MPEG format.

This is one of the easiest programs we evaluated. However, if you are looking for a few advanced features click on the “options” button and then “right-click” your mouse on the additional screen.

Ease of Use

Even on a medium setting the quality of 1Click’s copies were excellent. Colors were bright and there were only minor distortions with letters.

Although 1Click was not the fastest program we reviewed it converted DVDs in just a little more than half the time it would take to actually watch the program.

We wrote several emails to 1Click regarding various aspects of the program. Our emails were always responded to in about a day.

This is one of the easiest and most compatible pieces of DVD to iPod software we reviewed. We would love to see 1Click offer a video conversion program in conjunction with their DVD to iPod software. Additionally, we would like to see a few more advanced features for those that like to “tinker.”

Quality of DVD

Speed of Conversion