dvd and video to ipod software – Sothink

Sothink does not have an extensive set of features, but it works very well. The DVD conversions are somewhat clearer than the video file conversions, but even the video gets a three out of four rating. Sothink’s conversion time is excellent. This DVD and video to iPod software converts files in about half the time it would take to watch them.

Sothink’s help is excellent. They offer a user forum, email support, guides and FAQs. If you have a problem that can’t be resolved through their extensive help features, you can expect quick responses from their tech team with solutions to any problems.

On the Sothink website, there is a disclaimer by SourceTec—the company that develops Sothink Software—stating that they do not endorse illegal copying. They are sorry for the inconvenient to some customers.

For a first rate DVD/Video to iPod conversion software with plenty of features and an all–in–one program layout, see PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter Suite.