electronic learning system – Ixl 2017

one of the best in the world, the iXL learning system from Fisher Price brings a lot to the table. It works as a gaming system, notepad, MP3 player and even a photo viewer. The price and limited number of games keeps this electronic learning system at number two in our lineup.

Ease of Use

This electronic learning system is unique from the others because it’s completely touch screen driven. The only buttons on the device are for power, screen brightness, volume and home. Navigating through the screens is easy with the stylus. Dexterous fingers can do the trick as well, though the screen may receive a smudge or two.

The electronic learning system comes with a few programs already installed so it’s ready to use. This device is distinctive in that there are no cartridges. The games come on a CD and the iXL is hooked up to the computer by a USB cable. From here the program can be loaded onto the device. While having no cartridges to lose is a big plus, requiring a computer to load the new games might be a problem for some.

This electronic learning game contains a lot of different activities for children. One of the activities we thought was neat was the notepad. It has all of the upper and lower case letters as well as numbers for the children to trace. The tracing pad reminded us of the paper in school with the three lines that guide children on proper heights.

The eBook included with the games is a good way for children to learn words in context. As the story is told, the words are highlighted. When the page is done, the child can tap individual words to hear them again. Sometimes the character in the story does the action of the word, which is kind of cute.

This electronic learning system has several games for children to work on their recognition skills. With arcade-style games for sequencing numbers and identifying letters, this can help reinforce what the children are learning. The games include everything from determining which numbered banana to retrieve to shooting hoops with the right letter. With all of the games, kids use the stylus to tap the correct answer.

Activities Included

This electronic learning system has it all and is perfect for any child who wants to do a myriad of activities. It has games like an arcade. There are drawing pads with brushes, stamps and backgrounds. Don’t forget the interactive stories with well-known characters. Upload photos for even more fun and draw bunny ears on bothersome siblings. With their own music playing in the background, children will get hours of fun from this device alone.

With the screen functional in portrait or landscape mode, the possibilities are great. It’s easy to turn and keep going depending on the activity. The one concern we have with the book format is children who are left handed may have a slightly more difficult time with the device in portrait mode.

We were glad to see the stylus provided is tethered to the device. This is one less piece children – and parents – have to worry about losing. The stylus also has a slot so it can be out of the way while kids are listening to the stories. And since the device opens like a book, or a Nintendo DS, it can be closed and carted around without worrying about the screen. This system is also available in multiple colors schemes: blue, pink or silver.

This electronic learning system does not have the quantity of content the other systems in our comparison have. At this point, there are only six games available. The variety that is available is a good mix: Toy Story 3, Handy Manny and even Batman. Each module contains several games, an eBook, art studio add-ons and skins for the music player and notepad.

There are several more products scheduled for release soon. Even with these new games, we hope Fisher Price will continue their development; otherwise they will struggle against the competition. For the time being, however, these games will provide hours of entertainment for your children.

Every game is specified for kids from three to seven years old. We worry that without the separation or a choice of difficulty children may be frustrated. It is also hard to determine from looking at the games which ones will fit the needs of the child without actually trying them out. We wanted more of an indicator to the proper game for a specific child’s abilities. With the price of the unit higher than many of the other devices, the price of the games is comparable to some of the others.

Kid Appeal

The iXL comes with a USB cable to hook into the computer. This is necessary because to load the games, you must have a computer. There is a basic software application that comes with the product that helps manage all of the information. This software can be used to create custom profiles for different children. It also is used to transfer music and pictures between the computer and the device.

Another feature of this e-learning device is the SD card slot. With the SD card installed it is easy to install multiple programs on the device. This means you can have every game at easy access for long road trips.

Available Content

The speaker is located across from the screen. We liked this because it wasn’t inadvertently muffled by a hand or if the device is placed on a flat surface. However, if you’re worried about the sound during long road trips, have your child plug in some headphones.

The help and support offered on this product is comprehensive. The online manual and FAQs are easy to navigate through and contain a lot of troubleshooting information. There is also a phone number listed, but there is no email support available.

The iXL is the best when looking for an all-inclusive device. While the available games are currently limited, there is a lot to still keep your child busy including the interactive stories and an engaging doodle pad.


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