electronic whiteboards – Touchit 2017

The TouchIT PRO-TB78 is one of a trio of interactive whiteboards produced by TouchIT Technologies. It has a 78-inch display and weighs 57 pounds.

This interactive whiteboard has a magnetic matte porcelain enamel steel writing surface that comes with a lifetime warranty and an aluminum frame. Compared to electronic whiteboards with melamine surfaces, the porcelain enamel steel of this whiteboard is sturdy and resistant to punctures. Unlike some touch-based display surfaces, the writing surface of the whiteboard does not need a fragile membrane cover to accept touch inputs. The aluminum frame strengthens the body of the smart whiteboard without adding to its bulk. The TouchIT PRO-TB78 mounts on a wall, but the manufacturer provides a number of optional adjustable stands, including one that has a pivoting arm for a short-throw projector.

This whiteboard supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It connects to a PC over USB and draws the 3.7 volts needed to power it from the same connection. Beside the whiteboard itself, you will find a stylus and wall mount hardware in its package.

With an aspect ratio of 16:9, the TouchIT PRO-TB78 supports widescreen presentations. While it does come with a stylus, you do not need one to interact with this electronic whiteboard. It uses no special or expensive pens because the electronics required for interactivity are present in the board itself. Therefore, you can write, draw, annotate and move the content projected on its surface using your fingers or the included stylus. When you are done using the TouchIT PRO-TB78 as an interactive whiteboard, you can use it as an ordinary whiteboard by writing on it with your dry-erase markers. You do not need a special cloth or cleaning fluids to wipe away the notes made with your dry-eraser markers.

The TouchIT PRO-TB78 uses infrared tracking for reading and digitizing touch and pen inputs. The response speed of this tracking system is high, especially for a low-power smart whiteboard that draws power from a USB port. This whiteboard runs WizTeach, an education software licensed from Qwizdom UK. WizTeach is a robust education software for grade school students, but you can also run your preferred education software from your PC. In addition, the TouchIT PRO-TB78 can go online, browse the internet and incorporate web resources into your presentation or classroom lesson thanks to its Internet Annotate app.

Overall, the TouchIT PRO-TB78 is full-featured, durable and versatile. Like most interactive electronic whiteboards, it does not come with a projector. It also lacks an integrated speaker and has no wireless capabilities.