email marketing software – Campaigner 2017

Campaigner allows you to stay in touch with your customers and to narrow down the list of customers who are truly interested in your product or service. Its brand of email marketing software provides an extensive selection of email templates and a helpful creation wizard that shows you the ropes of managing your lists, creating campaigns and finding effective reporting. This is a good candidate when you’re considering mass email software choices, but the lack of immediate customer support holds it back.


Campaigner allows you to manually input contacts or upload them from another service. However, once lists are created, it’s easy to copy and paste a compiled list of names to specific campaigns. People can also add themselves to your list directly from your company’s Facebook page.

Once you are ready to design your first Campaigner email, you can choose from two paths ??? Smart Email Builder and Full Email Editor. The latter allows more flexibility for advanced users and those who are familiar with HTML. You can still use a template with that option, but you can manipulate it in more ways.

Integrating social media is easy with Campaigner. You are given the option to add Twitter, Facebook and other elements as a first step with the Smart Email Builder. An auto-response creation tool is another way Campaigner helps you keep customers’ attention. You can set Campaigner to send messages to your contacts on a preset schedule, whether you send them birthday greetings, renewal notices or other messages.

The Campaigner interface is pretty straightforward and the customer support options are decent. There are FAQs, demos, tutorials webinars and more to help you learn to use this mass email software. Live chat coverage is spotty, often with no response at all. However, answers to most common questions are available on the website without the need for an agent’s assistance.

There are a few minor gaps in customer service with Campaigner, but we like how this email marketing software appeals to users of all levels. The wide selection of templates is a nice perk, especially for beginners. This may not be the best service for a medium-sized business, but it gives a nice overview of email campaigns for beginners.