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Many extended warranty providers focus on only one target market, either direct to consumers or providing contracts to retailers and dealers. Consumer Priority Service (CPS) works on both business contracts and for-consumer electronics. Their wide variety of coverage ranges from accidental (ADH) plans to commercial coverage and on-site upgrades.


Consumer Priority Service looks to live up to its name by providing prompt, quality customer service. That is what extended warranties really come down to ??? dealing with a company that has contracted itself to work for you when the products you own no longer work. We will explain this concept more fully in this review. For its great balance in claim services, product registration and service locations, we’ve made Consumer Priority Service one of the best in the world for extended warranty services.

One area in which Consumer Priority Service excels in is how easy it is to navigate the company’s site to find information, make claims and get an online quote. Many businesses do not understand that in order to gain a customer’s business and trust, they need to give them as much information as possible and not instill confusion about what their business actually does. Consumer Priority Service ranks high for extended warranty services for the clarity it shows.

Not only does Consumer Priority Service offer general and extended warranties for your consumer electronics, but it also offers warranties that few other providers do. Their accidental coverage plan covers repair for products that have suffered water, cosmetic or impact damage. They also offer an on-site upgrade. This is typically available when buy your extended warranty through an authorized dealer or technician. Chances are, you’ll have one locally. Depending on weight and price of the warrantied item, you will have the option to mail the damaged product in for service or replacement, or to have a technician fix it where you live.

A standout feature that very few electronics warranty providers have is a non-overlapping warranty. Typically, you must purchase an online warranty within the first month after purchasing the item the extended warranty is for, and that warranty runs concurrently with the original manufacturer’s warranty, making much of the time and extra costs redundant. Consumer Priority Service will start your extended warranty the day your manufacturer’s warranty ends. For example, most original warranties last one year. If you purchase a two-year extended warranty from CPS, it starts after that time period. Your electronic device or appliance would then be covered for a total of three years instead of one or two.

You can receive a quote by phone or easily obtain one on the company’s website. The extended warranty plans are transferable, with a $25 dollar fee, if you decide to sell the item or give it away before the extended warranty expires. Another strong aspect of Consumer Priority Service’s site is the checkout. You can have policies ready for checkout and still get a quote for an additional product without leaving your cart. Basically, this is an example of how CPS wants you, the consumer, to feel comfortable before you purchase a warranty from them.

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If you need an extended warranty for electronics or an appliance, you can be assured that CPS offers coverage for it. You can surely find plans for televisions, computers and cameras. You can also find warranties for iPhones and Droids. Oddly, smartphone coverage is rare with online extended warranty services. CPS will also cover random items like baby swings, floor polishers and trash compactors. Essentially, if you have an electronic product and are wondering if Consumer Priority Service covers it, chances are it does.

Acquiring help during stressful times is crucial. Few times are more crucial than when an electronic device you rely on breaks down. Consumer Priority Service gives you every avenue possible to get the support you need. We are impressed that they use social media as a way to push conversations with their clients. At times, it’s faster to receive a response on Facebook than it is to receive an answer to an email query. For dealing with quick concerns, there is also an online FAQs page. Live chat support is available, but unfortunately, this feature is not always functional.

If there are issues with your products and they need to be sent to a technician for repairs, there are 52,000 authorized service centers nationwide to help with your issue. For additional peace of mind, CPS will give you a replacement or a monetary settlement if a damaged product cannot be repaired after two maintenance visits.

Consumer Priority Service is a great extended warranty service. It covers both commercial and consumer warranties. It ranks so highly because the company makes registration and claims processing easy to understand. Plus, they cover nearly every product under the sun. The strongest features are the option for in-home repair and warranties that cover accidental damage. With the information on the CPS site about its extended service plans, you won’t need to be in the industry to understand the process, which is more than can be said about many of its competitors.

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