fax software – Sfax 2017

Sfax provides standard features each service offers, as well as added security and several advanced features. You can create customized cover pages, send faxes to multiple recipients and receive alerts on your phone with this fax software. Additionally, it is HIPAA compliant and serves as a safe platform to send and receive faxes.


Standard email is the least secure way to transmit sensitive information, so Sfax has numerous methods to support HIPAA-compliant transmissions. If you work in the medical industry, HIPAA-complaint faxes over internet are a necessity. This fax program employs physical, procedural and technical methods to secure data. In fact, in many cases, sending a fax to a computer via Sfax is more secure than using a traditional fax machine. This fax to email software also supports porting your existing fax number so that you can switch to using Sfax without interrupting software to your clients.

When faxing from a computer, many programs receive and send faxes with the fax message as an email attachment. Because standard email transfer protocols are not guaranteed to be safe, Sfax does not send faxes this way. However, it does provide the convenience to create and send faxes using an email window or online interface. The recipient gets fax notices via email, but the fax is sent as a secure link, not an email attachment. Faxes to email accounts are double encrypted for security. Sfax also supports digital signatures for sending out signed documents.

Free Sfax apps are available for both iPhone and Android devices. You can send, receive and keep track of your account from your phone or tablet. We found that this software offered one of the best fax apps as it was easy to navigate and alerts you to new faxes that have come in. We also were able to view faxes on the app with ease.

Sfax offers many different volume plans, including monthly and annual plans. We evaluated the Solo plan, which offers 100 faxes per month. This is significantly lower than the other services on our lineup and greatly restricts how many faxes you can send and receive. The Solo plan only charges $9.00 a month and 10-cents per page in overage fees, which is standard for fax services. Additionally, this software is HIPAA-compliant and offers much more security than any of the programs on our lineup.

Sfax supports several different file types, so you can send documents, pictures and more to the people you fax. It supports 17 different file types. The faxing software only stores faxes for one year; however, a copy of each fax is sent to your email inbox so you can conveniently store your faxes with your email account.

Sfax has great customer support. Representatives are available by phone, email and live chat. We found that all of our inquiries were answered in full, and representatives even followed up the next day with an email containing more detailed answers to our questions. There are also FAQs on this easy-to-use website.

Sfax provides straightforward pricing and secure fax transmissions, making it one of the best fax software if you want the convenience of online faxing coupled with HIPAA-compliant security. The easy-to-use website and unlimited number of users make Sfax a great fax software for your office.