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The professional version of FontCreator offers a well-rounded set of features and tools, while the standard version lacks quite a number of these. We based our review on the professional version of the software, which is the version we recommend if you are looking for superior font editor software.

Font Creation Features

FontCreator is one of the few font editors we reviewed that is capable of handling more than 65,000 glyphs – perfect if you’re working on a font that is based on a language other than English. You can import your vector or bitmap files to create fonts from drawn glyphs, though there is no bitmap tracing function to automatically turn your bitmap glyphs into outlines.

Basic drawing tools are present, as well as some very basic vector paint tools. The more advanced drawing tools are few in number and are only available in the professional version. They include a tool for drawing rectangles and ellipses, and a tool that lets you unite, exclude or intersect contours.

For batch transformation, this professional font editor software offers a useful Transform Wizard tool. It makes batch transformation quite simple when compared to the process in other font creator applications. You can create composite glyphs easily enough, but the software can’t blend two fonts into one.

Hinting is fully automatic, but kerning can be done manually or automatically. For glyph metrics, mass edits are done manually, but individual edits are done automatically, which seems a bit backwards. Additionally, the manual edits are made by altering the numerical values of the metric measurements. This is much more difficult to do than simply dragging a glyph around in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor.

You can apply some cool font effects with this font editor. These include the basic bold and italics, but you can also make your font appear thin or hollow, convert it to small caps, or use transformation tools like rotate, scale, skew or mirror.

Editing & Conversion Features

A cool feature of the guidelines in the glyph editor window is that they are labeled in more detail than other font maker applications we reviewed. The basic grid is present, but the ascender, caps height, x height and descender lines are all clearly labeled. This makes it easier to create uniformly sized glyphs.

FontCreator offers a nearly full feature set. It can convert between font formats, but only from OpenType or Type 1 to TrueType. In fact, this font generator only saves fonts as TrueType/OpenType TT formats; you can’t save as Type 1, OpenType PS or EPS files. FontCreator can’t open or edit any type of bitmap font, though this is less of a drawback as it seems, since bitmap fonts are rapidly becoming outdated and replaced by their superior outline counterparts.

Edits to individual glyphs and entire fonts are of course possible, as is the ability to edit a font’s family and style names, copyright info and authorship info. You can also test your font in the test font window before you export and install it, to make sure that glyphs, metrics and other functions will appear exactly as you want them to.

This font creator is definitely easy to use, thanks to a well-organized user interface. The different functions of the software are all contained in separate windows, which can be moved, resized or closed if needed. Some of the windows, like the glyph editor and font window, can be minimized. Other windows, like kerning and metrics, are displayed as pop-up windows.

While buttons are not labeled, they are relatively recognizable and the name will appear if you hover your mouse over a tool. The layout of the software itself is similar to many word processing applications, so it is relatively familiar.

This font creator has some great help and support resources. They include a contact email address, user FAQs, text-based tutorials and a user forum, all available at the High-Logic website. Some of these features are also available on the welcome screen when you launch FontCreator. The help menu and PDF user manual are identical in content, with the help manual weighing in at a respectable 150 pages long. There is a customer service phone number available online as well, but it is an international number, which may be inaccessible to some American users.

Ease of Use

While FontCreator does lack a few functions and tools, it certainly boasts a simple user interface and great help and support options. And the professional version of this font editor definitely includes all of the important tools to create and edit fonts, even if it can only save to a limited set of font formats.

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