font manager software – Printer’s Apprentice

Printer’s Apprentice, which ranks fourth, includes many of the basic features of the best font management software. Although it lacks some of the bells and whistles of the higher-ranked software packages, it does protect system fonts, which we feel is an essential function. It is also compatible with Windows 7, and we found it to be user-friendly.

Feature Set

System fonts are important for font managers to protect because they are needed for Windows programming. When we tried to uninstall a Windows font, Printer’s Apprentice gave us the following message: “You are about to uninstall Windows system fonts! One or more of the fonts you have selected are used by Windows 7.” The software then told us to select the Options tab. We did so, and the software let us choose whether we wanted to delete the file, move it to a folder, copy it to a folder or leave the fonts where they were. It also allowed us to cancel the request. The software gave us a lot of warnings, but we could have easily deleted the fonts if we were not careful.

Printer’s Apprentice comes with fewer features than almost any of the font managers we reviewed. However, it contains the features that are the most important, which tells us that its owner, Lose Your Mind Development, knows what it’s doing. The font software, which sells for $25, is a reasonable alternative to some of the higher-ranking packages.

The font manager allows you to activate and deactivate fonts, either individually or in a group. It allows you to preview uninstalled fonts. The software also allows you to filter fonts using certain criteria. The software then prints font samples.

Printer’s Apprentice has the ability to back up your fonts in another place on your computer or on an external drive. It also identifies duplicate fonts. In addition, it supports PostScript, TrueType and OpenType fonts.

Although it is not as powerful as some font managers, we found Printer’s Apprentice to be user-friendly. Its font viewer functions were adequate for our needs. Features that we wish the software included are the ability to collect fonts in a folder for easy output and the detection and quarantine of corrupted fonts.

Ease of Use

Drag on your system is usually caused by the extra fonts you have installed on your computer from font foundries and other sources. If you have 500 or 1,000 fonts on your computer, you will notice less of a drag on your system when you apply this program’s font software solutions.

Lose Your Mind Development’s website includes information for contacting a customer service agent or technical support specialist. The site also includes tutorials but doesn’t provide answers to frequently asked questions. The font manager also comes with a user manual. The software is designed for Windows operating systems and is compatible with 7, Vista and XP.

Printer’s Apprentice contains some of the basic features of font managers. It ranks higher than some because of its ability to protect system fonts and to activate or deactivate fonts in a group all at one time. Although it lacks advanced viewing features and web services which are included in the best font manager packages, it is an adequate, and less expensive, alternative.


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