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The EatSmart Precision Pro II earned the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award in our review of the best food scales. It did so because it is an easy-to-use, lightweight and durable kitchen scale that’s capable of weighing food items up to 11 pounds. This scale topped the charts of our accuracy and consistency tests, scoring perfectly on both. Its large display and digits are backlit and easy to read from nearly any angle. With a few minor exceptions, this scale impressed us in every aspect of our review.


Yielding an accurate and reliable reading is the most important aspect of any kitchen scale. We subjected each food scale in our review to a battery of accuracy and consistency tests. The results of this testing showed that the accuracy of this scale is impeccable. All of the test weighs using this scale yielded the exact weight of our control group.

The range of weights this kitchen scale can measure falls in the middle ground of our review. It measures in increments as low as 1 gram or 0.05 ounces. It also has a weight limit of 11 pounds. This is more than enough capacity to weigh most of the ingredients for an average meal. However, if you’re cooking an especially large meal or are using the scale for something heavier than food, you probably want to invest in a scale that’s made for that purpose.

This scale’s weighing platform measures just a hair less than 20 square inches. While some home kitchen scales have weighing areas more than double this size, 20 inches is more than adequate real estate to weigh the fixings of a home-cooked meal.

The two buttons of this scale perform simple yet powerful functions. The power button doubles as the tare feature. This simply means you have the ability to weigh an item then discount that weight for future weighs. This is particularly useful when you’re weighing items that are held in a container. Simply weigh the empty container, hit the Tare button then fill the container and weigh it again. The scale will show the weight of the items in the container while discounting the weight of the container itself.

The companion of our accuracy test was our consistency test. In this test we weighed the same items in different places on the scale to see if it would yield a different result. The EatSmart Precision Pro passed this test with flying colors. This scale will show the same weight no matter where you place the item.


The Precision Pro is both compact and rounded in design, allowing for easy storage. This electronic kitchen scale is likewise lightweight for easy transferring from one leveled surface to another. If you need to switch between standard and metric units, you can easily adjust measurement types by selecting the Unit button.

The display on this food scale is great when you first pull it out of the package. However, after several hours of constant usage, the display fades and becomes difficult to read. This may lead you to believe that your batteries are running dead after just a couple of days. But it’s usually not the case; even changing the batteries doesn’t solve this problem.

This scale draws its power from two AAA batteries. In order to save battery power, it will automatically power down after three minutes of inactivity. In addition to saving your battery power, this means that you don’t have to worry about turning the scale off. This is great because manually powering down a scale after you use it may slow down the speed at which you cook your meal.

This scale will show the weight of your food in ounces, pounds, grams and kilograms. These are the most common measurement found in modern recipes. So you shouldn’t have too much trouble using just these units of measure. However, the addition of fluid ounces and milliliters would greatly enhance the versatility of food scale.

EatSmart does customer service right. The company includes all the support options we look for in the best kitchen scales. If you have a problem with your scale, you can contact the company via telephone or email. But most simple queries can be answered by referencing the included user manual or browsing to the FAQs section at the EatSmart website.

With some minor exceptions, this is a worthy kitchen scale. Problems with the diminishing display and the weighing inconsistency likely will not impact the average user. But they are things you should be aware of. If you don’t repeatedly use the scale for hours a day, you probably won’t reproduce our results. And if you are using your scale that heavily, you should look into a more heavy-duty product.

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