cell phones – LG Accolade

The LG Accolade doesn’t look like a smartphone. It doesn’t feature a touchscreen interface or access to a large selection of apps. This budget cell phone is your basic flip phone with a compact size, Bluetooth connectivity and a 1.3MP (megapixel) camera. But if you are looking for a cell phone with a low price tag and little bling, the LG Accolade may have what you are looking for.


The flip phone design may never go out of style, and the LG Accolade proves it. The flip design makes this budget cell phone small, with a height of 3.56 inches and a width of 1.83 inches. It is also lightweight, weighing just less than 3 ounces. The design does give the phone a little extra bulk, which is a drawback to the flip style. Even though it may be a small phone, its bulky shape is noticeable if you place it in your pant pocket.

The keypad features large keys that make typing easy and hassle-free. The keys are easy to push, and someone with large hands will not have a difficult time texting or simply typing a phone number on this phone. A numerical keypad is available, but there is no full QWERTY keypad offered. The volume control and headphone jack are located along the left side of the device, along with a micro-USB port used for charging this budget cell phone.

One of this device’s standout features is its long battery life. The LG Accolade offers 460 minutes of talk time. This gives you more than seven hours for talking on the phone, sending text messages or capturing photos. This phone drains battery life when any of the displays are active, meaning if you are looking for a phone that you will constantly have in use, you need a device with long talk time ability.

Not only is the talk time outstanding, but so is the standby time. This cell phone provides 679 hours of standby time on a single battery charge. This mean this budget cell phone will last weeks on a single battery charge if used sparingly. This cell phone has the longest standby time of any budget cell phone we reviewed.

The LG Accolade offers the bare minimum when it comes to features. A 1.3MP (megapixel) camera is available which doesn’t capture clear or crisp images. The pictures are grainy and the colors are dull, but for a phone with so few features, we were happy this phone offers some type of image capturing ability.

Call Features

There is no music player available on this device, and you can’t assign specific ringtones to individual contacts. Also, the address book on this budget cell phone will not let you assign multiple numbers to one specific contact.

This cell phone provides the basic features to help you multitask and keep you organized. Several of these features include a calendar, calculator and alarm clock. You can also record messages to yourself up to 60 seconds long.

The LG Accolade is a basic cell phone with few features to offer. The flip design keeps this budget phone small but bulky. We were impressed with the long battery life that will last for several days on a single charge. A drawback to this device is the lack of media player and the limitations to the address book, but basic multitasking features and a 1.3MP camera enhance this cellular phone.

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