center speaker – Polk Audio TSi CS10 2017

If the dialogue in your movies is being drowned out by the background music, it’s possible that your home theater has a weak center channel speaker. Switching to a high-quality center speaker, like the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winning Polk Audio TSi CS10, will bring balance back to your surround sound system. This 2-way center speaker doesn’t have the range of the Yamaha NS-C310, and it doesn’t have the various drivers of the Infinity Primus PC350, but it still is one of the best center speakers we found in our review.


This 2-way center speaker does not have a dedicated midrange driver, but it does have two 5.25-inch woofers that handle the middle frequency and low frequency tones. These woofers are made with bi-laminate organic fiber cones. The organic fiber on these drivers isn’t as rigid as metal, so it is able to move and vibrate more freely.

A single 1-inch tweeter is responsible for the high frequency signals. This magnetically-shielded dome tweeter is made with a soft silk material. This helps give an organic and natural sound to your center speakers. This tweeter is slightly smaller than the 1.1-inch driver of the Yamaha NS-C310, but it is still capable of producing plenty of sound.

The Polk Audio TSi CS10 recommends 20 to 150 watts of amplifier power for the best audio quality. Anything below 20 watts may not produce enough sound. Anything over 150 watts may cause permanent damage to your center speakers. This range of recommended power is fairly standard of our top-ranked products in this review.

This center channel speaker only measures 6.5 inches high, 9.75 inches deep and 20 inches wide. It weighs 16 pounds. This unit should easily fit on top of your entertainment center or it can also be mounted on the wall. Additionally, it features 0.75-inch thick baffles to aid with sound isolation. Plus, this product is available with a black or cherry wood grain finish, so it can fit a variety of home decor styles.

The Polk Audio TSi CS10 has a frequency response of 53Hz to 25kHz. The average human ear can only hear frequencies between 20Hz to 20kHz, but audio mixers sometimes put in supersonic and subsonic sounds to enrich the listening experience. This center speaker may not go down to 20Hz, but most of the lower frequencies are reproduced by the subwoofer, so a low-end frequency response isn’t as important. It isn’t able to produce frequencies as high as the Yamaha NS-310, but 25kHz is higher than many of the other center speakers in our review.


When an amplifier is putting a current through your audio device, you want to make sure that the impedance levels are evenly matched. Impedance measures how resistant the equipment is to an input of power. This center speaker is rated at 8 ohms. When matching this up with your home theater system, make sure the amplifier is rated at 8 ohms or less.

This center channel speaker has a sensitivity of 91dB. This is one of the highest sensitivity levels we found in our review. Sensitivity measures how much power is required to produce a given volume level in an audio device. A high sensitivity level means less power is required. This center speaker will draw less power and it will play high volumes without static or hissing in the background.

The crossover is the frequency at which a signal is divided among the different drivers. Higher frequencies are sent to the tweeter, while lower frequencies are sent to the woofers. This center speaker has a crossover of 2500Hz. Generally speaking, a higher crossover is more desirable because it makes the signal switch less noticeable. This frequency is lower than most of the specified crossovers in our review.

Polk Audio knows how to make their customers feel comfortable with their products. They offer a wide variety of help and support options. The model is covered by a 5-year limited warranty on parts and labor. However, this warranty only covers the original purchaser of the product. If you have any problems or issues, you can contact customer support by phone, by email or just visit the FAQs page. Live chat is also available, but only when the little chat icon appears in the top right corner of the site during business hours.

If you’re looking for a boost in your home theater audio, this center speaker should definitely be an option to consider. The Polk Audio TSi CS10 offers an impressive frequency response and excellent sensitivity levels. These features, along with the superb support options offered on Polk Audio, are some of the reasons that we found this high-performance center channel speaker to be one of the best.


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