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Month Club Store is another great place for finding the best monthly gift clubs online. The gift clubs available with Month Club Store are not necessarily original clubs from Month Club Store directly; in fact some may lead you to 3rd party gift clubs they’ve partnered with. So why does Month Club Store still rank highly as a resource for club of the month shopping? Read on to find out…

Variety of Gift Options

At a glance, the many different gift clubs available with Month Club Store are all unique and original. Don’t worry, the basics such as Wine of the Month Club, are still available. However, the unique gift options available set Month Club Store apart from competing club of the month vendors.

For example, it might be awkward or silly to give someone a jar of pickles as a birthday present, right? But a pickle enthusiast might be “pickled pink” to get a subscription to a Pickle of the Month Club. Perhaps a 9 month subscription as a congratulations gift to a newly pregnant woman is in order? Combine the Pickle Club with an Ice Cream of the Month Club for a good laugh… and a very happy pregnant lady.

From an Olive of the Month Club to a Puzzle of the Month Club; Month Club Store definitely offers an unmatched variety of the most specific and unique monthly gift clubs you can find. With over 40 different club of the months to choose from, you’re sure to find the right one.

Month Club Store offers specific memberships of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. You can also choose which month shipping will begin. And if you wish the package to be shipped on alternating months or have any special requests of a similar nature you just have to specify such when placing your order in the ‘Order Notes’ box during checkout.

This is another category where Month Club Store shined, because they are one of the only monthly gift vendors that can accept PayPal, which is important to many internet shoppers. Of course the four major credit cards are welcome as well, and you can also go through a secure Google Checkout if this is your preference for shopping online.

Subscription Options

However, one must also be aware that a gift subscription purchased through Month Club Store must be paid in full upfront, as there is no option to make payment on a monthly basis. It’s better to get that payment out of the way upfront anyways, right?

As long as an order with Month Club Store is received by the second Wednesday of a month, the gift can be sent out the same month. The cost of shipping is included in the membership price, and gifts are scheduled to ship during the last ten days of each scheduled month, sp be sure to keep that in mind if you’re placing an order for a birthday, anniversary, or other special date-specific occasion.

Month Club Store also notes that they make every possible effort to ensure first gift deliveries in time for Christmas, and on their home page they post a “cutoff” date to order a monthly gift membership for Christmas.

As always, the quality of a monthly gift club is mostly reflected in the thoughtfulness from the gift giver. When you decide to give a club of the month subscription as a gift, you are undoubtedly showing how much you care about that person.

However, giving a legitimately high-quality gift is even more valuable, and this is something that Month Club Store certainly delivers!

From gourmet snacks and foods to gift certificates (including printable gift certificates that are sent to you the giver via e-mail to then give to your special someone) the endless choices are all top choice gifts to give… especially if you know somebody with a unique obsession for mustard, candles, or other specific items. We give Month Club Store an A+ for quality based on their great selection of one-of-a-kind gift clubs not typically found with any other club of the month vendor.

Payment Options

Instead of the all powerful “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” Month Club Store states “Your satisfaction is our top priority.” Well, it’s a start…

Membership cancellations are possible, and it is possible to transfer from one club to another (as long as the second club is not fulfilled by a different vendor.)


With any questions or concerns, there is an e-mail address, an online form, and a toll free number where you can reach customer service.

Month Club Store is a favorite for offering such a large variety of super specific, unique gifts. It can be pretty hard to find these selections elsewhere, such as the Potato Chip of the Month Club. We also like the many different payment options available, but it would be nice if monthly payments were an available option.

Nonetheless, Month Club Store has the gift of the month you’re looking for… if you haven’t already found it somewhere else. More importantly, Month Club Store has a number of unique monthly clubs for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life… probably gifts you didn’t even know existed.

Despite the lack of a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it goes without saying that if you choose Month Club Store, both you and your lucky gift recipient will be satisfied with the choice. See how Month Club Store compares with some of the other great monthly club providers we reviewed.


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