cmms software – NetFacilities 2017

NetFacilities takes a software as a service (SaaS) approach to its system, offering its comprehensive computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) online as a web-based management solution for businesses of all kinds. You can use this system to submit, schedule and manage work orders for your facility or assets, or use it to schedule preventative maintenance on your assets to keep ahead of potential breakdowns and work stoppages.

Because NetFacilities is an SaaS solution, the user interface is accessible by anyone with permission to enter your system, from almost any Internet-connected device. This can be much easier than a software-based solution that requires installation and, potentially, frequent updates.

Once you set up NetFacilities, it can track your assets and generate maintenance work orders for the life of each asset. From oil changes for cars and trucks, to filter changes for HVAC units, you can enter a single work order that will generate appropriate preventative service for years.

You can also use the software to generate a series of reports to see how your labor and assets are doing. View reports by facility, department, service type, vendor or more, and generate reports as needed to keep your staff on task or to make sure costs are in line by department.

NetFacilities also offers support services. To get you started, you can opt for assisted deployment, a good option whether you are migrating from another system or starting from scratch. You can also select a solution that best fits your work model ??? there are options for residential real estate, schools and more.

This CMMS also offers a high degree of functionality when it comes to vendor management. You can maintain and manage a large database of vendors, and communicate with them in real-time to see how they are progressing on a job. You can also collaborate with a few vendors at once to optimize their time, and yours, on a given project. Work with everyone from janitorial and building maintenance to outside inspection agencies or the window cleaners to get a good view of how your jobs are being carried out.

NetFacilities boasts that more than 14,000 facilities in a wide number of industries use its web-based solution. NetFacilities CMMS is a solution that is suitable for companies of all sizes and is also a global company, so you can rely on using the software for your San Francisco facility as well as your facility in Singapore. It is a multisite, multiuser, multivendor solution that can be tailored to fit the needs of your company.