cmms software – Projectech Maximo 2017

IBM Projetech Maximo enterprise computerized maintenance management (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) software helps large facilities manage and automate all aspects of their maintenance operations. By setting up a series of workflows and if/then scenarios, Maximo can handle general maintenance operations, manage equipment history, help to automate maintenance scheduling, establish a preventative maintenance schedule for each bit of equipment and even help facilities managers anticipate what might need maintenance soon based on past performance and current conditions.

Projetech Maximo is designed for organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. It is available as a software as a service product (SaaS) or as a traditional software package.

One of the main features built into this CMMS software is the predictive power to anticipate potential issues with equipment and reduce equipment downtime by scheduling appropriate ongoing maintenance and determining when a machine is more likely to need additional servicing. This feature also helps control maintenance expenses and cut spare parts inventories and the costs that come with them. This system can confer additional benefits such as improving facility and workplace safety and keeping personnel informed and satisfied.

Purchasing the software or using the SaaS version of Maximo can help you maintain workflow ??? taking work orders and scheduling them appropriately to the right staff throughout the workday or week. You can use Projetech Maximo to manage and track all of your facility???s assets, as well as handle procurement and all of your contracts.

Maximo is also designed to work with other systems, so you can integrate asset tracking with existing tracking and software programs for barcode management, and run reports that finance or operations departments can use seamlessly in their own systems.

One advantage of selecting the SaaS option is the ease of connecting to Maximo from almost any device. Maximo SaaS also includes ongoing help desk service and a dedicated Maximo project manager, as well as the ongoing automatic upgrades you can expect from any SaaS solution.

Projetech Maximo is an IBM partner product, and as such it is very thorough. Although any business can use this CMMS, it is more appropriate for large scale businesses that need a high degree of functionality and reporting, as well as the type of integration capabilities that IBM supports.