cms software – WebGUI 2017

WebGUI is an open-source content management system that includes so many add-ons that a variety of organizations, ranging from small businesses and government agencies to nonprofits, have utilized it to create and maintain online content. The number of included tools is astounding compared to other CMS products, including the most important commerce and business add-ons, such as shopping carts, POS systems and file distribution. It also has a wealth of support options. WebGUI has earned the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for being one of the best CMS for small and medium businesses.


WebGUI takes the security of your content seriously and has put into place several layers of protection, including different types of verification to ensure content and user uploading are authorized. This CMS includes Captcha, a program that deciphers between a human that is using the system and an automated machine. It is also SSL compatible, which means you can password protect the entire system.

Since content management systems are designed for multiple users to use at the same time, WebGUI has included some important tools for real-time collaboration, such as versioning, while securing your information. The sandbox tool allows web developers to create new webpages and content and to see how it will look online without disrupting the live site.

WebGUI has a unique feature that allows you to customize each user’s interface to match their skill level. This means the administrator can allow granular privileges, or access to the CMS program, and can set the level and tools available to each user depending on their experience and need for the content management system. Interfaces range from simple tools to add or delete content from the company website to portals that allow IT personnel to make large changes to the programming.

The best CMS programs understand the needs of both small- and medium-business owners. This is why WebGUI has included the most necessary and important CMS tools as part of its solution without requiring you to purchase them, compared to other CMS software that require upgrades. WebGUI has a user-friendly front end for your company website and offers tools such as shopping carts, inventory management and point-of-sale systems. These tools are especially helpful if you have an online store or services that require digital interactions with your customers.

Other tools include a help desk portal so clients can easily send questions to support and IT personnel. WebGUI also supports a live chat feature for further enhancing your customer’s experience on your website.

Commerce & Business

One feature that is missing in this content management system is affiliate tracking. This means if you have an affiliate deal for advertising from another company, WebGUI can’t keep record of when a visitor to your page clicks an affiliate link.

As your business grows, its needs also increase. This CMS software has tools that are great for medium-sized businesses, or those with more than 1,500 employees, although several small business also find these features useful. These tools focus more on enhancing the efficiency of your business operations rather than creating and maintaining a website.

WebGUI has a contact management tool that lets you safely store and share client information in a way that it is easy to recall interactions. You can use the tools for managing projects and tracking their progress, viewing how they are affecting your bottom line, and enhancing your customer service.

The document management feature allows you to create and store content virtually. You can also share the data entry, file distribution and database reports among different departments and employees for group collaboration projects. This content management system can help you create and manage events that are important to the growth and success of your company.

The WebGUI community is relatively active, though because this program is newer than most CMS programs we reviewed, it doesn???t have as many add-ons and themes as those that have been around for longer. This doesn’t limit your design options since there are several personal websites and blogs with codes for a variety of add-ons. However, it is easier to have these within the community so you don’t have to search outside of the WebGUI website.

There are features of CMS software that you should find in any quality content management program, and WebGUI has them all. Known as add-ons, these include personalized dashboards, email inquiry forms, search engines, site maps, and the ability to include graphs and charts. WebGUI lets you allow user contributions on your website, much like Wikipedia, for people to create discussion forms.

Standard Add-Ons

Drag-and-drop is one of the best tools for easily adding content to your website. WebGUI also has an easy-to-use site wizard that lets you preview your additions and before you save and publish the final product. If you make a mistake, WebGUI has an undo feature so you don’t have to delete everything and start from square one. It also includes a spell checker to help you avoid some mistakes from the get-go.

If you need any assistance using WebGUI, you have several options to reach support personnel. This CMS company is one of the few that offers telephone support in addition to email. It also has user guides and forum discussions online to help you during non-business hours when customer support is not available.

Ease of Use

While it doesn’t include affiliate tracking, WebGUI does provide several security options to ensure only authorized users can upload and make changes to your site. The granular privileges let you customize each user’s interface depending on their needs and experience level. WebGUI also includes all the essential tools small and medium business need to create, upload and manage web content. It includes a fair amount of community support and ready-made themes, though these aren’t as extensive as other CMS solutions.