commercial mortgage brokers – Midwest Capital Funding, 2017

Midwest Capital Funding (MidCap) is a commercial mortgage broker that operates out of Kansas City, Kansas, and serves the area and the Midwest. It can help you get financing for a variety of commercial real estate needs in price ranges from $250,000 to over $50 million.

Like nearly all commercial mortgage brokers, this company can help you find loans to finance the acquisition of office buildings, multifamily complexes or industrial parks as well as for construction. It can find lenders to handle bridge or mezzanine loans. In addition, it can help you refinance an existing loan and obtain tenant lease loans, which are dependent on having tenants whose rent qualifies as equity. This firm also brokers sale leaseback loans, where you are buying a property from another company that intends to remain there and lease it from you.

Besides traditional financing options, MidCap can broker less common loans such as preferred equity financing, where the lender may become a direct partner in the ownership of a property or gains a liquidation preference. MidCap can walk you through the different implications of each loan type.

MidCap generally works with loans in the millions of dollars but can broker loans for as little as $250,000. It not only works with banks but also agencies such as Fannie, Freddie and HUD, and non-traditional lenders such as insurance companies. It does not list the latest transactions on its website, although it explains each type of service it performs. It not only summarizes what it will do, but also what lenders it can and may approach for that particular loan.

This company does not list the bios of all its brokers, but its principal, Taylor Grace, has over 15 years’ experience in the commercial real estate industry, working in banks in the Kansas City area, and serving as a bank examiner for the Division of Finance for the State of Missouri. He also worked for real estate development firms, so he has seen the other side of the real estate financing coin as well.

You can reach this company by phone, email or fax, or visit its office. MidCap says it returns calls and emails within 24 hours.