contact management software – Infusionsoft 2017

Infusionsoft contact management system is a professional services automation solution that includes a powerful CRM program. The customer-relations management section includes client portals with tools to tag how committed each client is. Every contact interaction is easily recorded and can be used to create important reports, including timelines, sales activities and even number of visits to your website. Custom data fields are available so you can include the information that is important to your business rather than trying to manipulate preset fields, which can often become confusing.


This client management program includes sales and marketing tools, such the ability to create and send sales quotes and invoices from within the program. It also sets follow-up reminders and can help generate leads based on information provided by your contacts. Since this program includes an email feature that is capable of integrating with your email program, email marketing campaign are easy to execute.

Infusionsoft focuses on eCommerce and includes tools that are especially helpful for online stores and visitor-interactive company websites. This program, with a little help from your IT department, can be set to grab contact information from your website and automatically create and save in a contact account. This CRM is able to track orders, create purchase reports and manage your inventory, all of which are impressive tools.

While Infusionsoft has all of these helpful features and tools, it isn’t the most intuitive program on our review. However, each time you purchase an Infusionsoft solution, you are provided with a four-week, individualized training session that walks you through each step of using the contact manager, sales and marketing sections of the program. Infusionsoft does have embedded help links from within the program, including a walk-through feature that guides you through the project you’re trying to accomplish within the program. It also has video tutorials that are easy to follow and understand.

While at first Infusionsoft isn’t easy to use, the personalized training and embedded helps make it easier to get the hang of. Once you can navigate through the program, the contact management system, sales and marketing tools, and eCommerce features make this a powerful business tool.