cordless phones – Motorola IT6 -2 2017

If you have ever had a Motorola Slvr or Razr cell phone, this cordless phone will seem quite familiar to you. Motorola’s IT6 -2 is the company’s sleek and modern take on the cordless phone. The device comes with a standard of two handsets, but you can add an additional two more.


This home phone has an average talk time of seven hours, which isn’t as long as other cordless phones. Motorola itself has cordless phones that have 12 hours of battery life. If this phone is on standby, though, the charge lasts for a total of 5.5 days, the shortest of any phone we reviewed. One impressive feature the phone provides is the ability to store 30 minutes of recorded messages. So if you prefer to keep messages rather than delete them, this could potentially be a great phone for you.

The best aspect to this phone is its overall design. The handsets are incredibly thin, comfortable to hold and easy to use. The display is bright and easy to read. The phones store a total of 100 phonebook entries and the 50 previous callers. In addition to this, the phone stores the last five numbers you dialed.

The phone has conferencing and offers an intercom but it lacks Bluetooth. So, there is no way to pair your cell phone or a wireless handset to the base. It also doesn’t have an alarm either. You have the ability to adjust the volume from five different levels.

The phone includes a one-year warranty. You can read Motorola’s FAQs section online and download an instruction manual on the Motorola website. Motorola offers telephone, email and live chat support.

The Motorola IT6-2 may look great, but it doesn’t have an impressive battery life and doesn’t pair with a smartphone. However, if you want a cool looking phone that is decent, or you just really miss your old Motorola Razr or Slvr, it may be the right cordless phone for you.