deal of the day – Steep and Cheap 2017

A fast deal of the day website pits you against a clock and many other visitors. These sites use lightning bargains to give you a short timeframe to snag the best deals. Steep and Cheap is an exciting daily deal website with huge discounts on recreational gear and attire. If lightning bargains are too stressful, Steep and Cheap also has deals that run for several days at a time. Unfortunately, the help and support pages are difficult to navigate and do not offer much aid. Still, if you’re looking for great deals on attire and recreational gear, Steep and Cheap keeps you on your toes with fast deals of the day.


Steep and Cheap is an excellent resource for all of your outdoor equipment, from shoes to bathing suits. Every ten minutes, a new deal kicks off. Each featured deal displays the time and quantity left. Once one of these countdowns expires, the deal is finished. Sometimes, Steep and Cheap will run the same deal again during the day to sell the remaining quantity, but usually, once a bargain expires, it’s gone.

Steep and Cheap has a liberal shipping and return policy. Any of the deals are available to any market, so if you’re shipping internationally or to an APO, you won’t have your order denied. If you have a problem with your order, you can return it for any reason within 30 days.

Steep and Cheap does not reserve its bargains for registered members, and you can browse all deals without a membership. Once you’re registered, you can save your shipping and payment information to speed up the buying process. Each day, you’ll receive an email letting you know what the day’s theme is, but it does not let you preview the prices or times that these bargains will run.

In addition to email notifications, you can share deals on social networks and buy products from the Steep and Cheap iOS app. On some deals, you can find user reviews of the products, but with a bargain only lasting for ten minutes, it’s hard to rely on these reviews.

Steep and Cheap’s help and support pages are a maze of information. After some experimental navigation, you’ll find answers to many questions. Support representatives are available by email, but when we tried to make contact, we never received a response. We’d like more continuity between Steep and Cheap’s bargain pages and its help pages.

Steep and Cheap keeps you on your toes with fast deals of the day. The deals focus on attire and recreational gear, and the shipping and return policies are customer friendly. The support pages could use some work, and we were not able to get a response to our emails. If you want to snag great bargains on clothes and equipment, Steep and Cheap is a great daily deals website.