dishwasher – LG EasyRack 2017

As one of LG’s more standard dishwashers, the LG LDS5040ST Semi-integrated Dishwasher with Flexible EasyRack System gives you a sufficient number of wash cycles and wash options to clean, sanitize and dry your dishes. Additionally, it features LG’s EasyRack System, which allows you not only to fit up to 14 place settings in one load, but also to adjust the racks to fit to the specific dishes you load. This LG unit has a 50-decibel sound rating, which makes it fairly quiet, but it’s actually among the loudest units in our dishwasher comparison.


You don’t get a rinse-only wash cycle with this LG dishwasher, but the wash cycles it does include are sufficient. You get power scrub, normal, delicate and quick on this unit, which will allow you to clean lightly to heavily soiled dishes without any problem. It also includes an upper-rack-only wash cycle, which allows you to run a small load of dishes without using an unnecessary amount of water.

This dishwasher doesn’t include a heated dry function like many do, but it does include an eco-friendly dry function. LG’s hybrid condensing drying system is energy efficient because it doesn’t use a heating element to dry the dishes, but instead dries them with the heat generated during the wash cycle.

Carrying the ENERGY STAR label, this LG EasyRack dishwasher will cost you an estimated $27 annually to operate. This is among the least expensive in our dishwasher comparison.

LG offers a slightly above average dishwasher warranty with its units. Any labor is covered for the first year, and all parts are covered for the first two years – one more year than the industry standard. Additionally, the racks and electronics are covered for the first five years, and the tub and door liner are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Contacting LG for help and support is very simple. You can contact representatives by phone, email or live chat on the company’s website. In addition, you can get product support via video tutorials on the LG website. You can also download the user manual for quick and easy access to troubleshooting information, if necessary.

The LG LDS5040ST Semi-integrated Dishwasher with Flexible EasyRack System makes it easy to fit a large number of dishes in just one load with its EasyRack System, and dishes will come out clean, sanitized and dry. You’ll also enjoy a very energy-efficient dishwasher that will be kind to your wallet.