disk recovery software – Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional, 2017

We collected 48 performance metrics from 10 of the top names in data recovery and were impressed with what we found in Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional. Ontrack consistently scored better than average in nearly all areas.

File Recovery Success

EasyRecovery Professional also scored consistently well in the area of scanning and recovery speed. It was one of the fastest we measured on hard disk drive (HDD) recovery by scanning and recovering 98% of our lost files at a rate of over 18 gigabytes per hour.

This feature-loaded software comes with one of the best recovery engines available and is backed up by a leader in the data recovery industry, Kroll Ontrack. Like all of our top three choices in this disk recovery software review, this software is built on the experience of Kroll Ontrack’s own data recovery facility. Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional has earned our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for best disk recovery software.

We tested this software on recovering two kinds of data loss: lost files and files on a reformatted drive. Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional is an excellent example of a diversified product. Our testing identified several strengths in this software, and a few weaknesses as well. It showed aptitude in recovering picture and MS Office files on all devices, but those numbers fell as the damage became worse.

One of the biggest challenges to data recovery is managing the sheer number of found files. For example, Ontrack returned almost 64GB of raw data from a 10GB scanned partition, which is one of the largest amounts of raw data we saw returned. This disk recovery software has some features to help you manage that large amount of data, including the ability to preview files and filter results. You can also limit the number of raw files that come through in a scan by selecting the less extensive search options at the Recovery Scenario screen; however, you will not enjoy as thorough results as we found. It’s also worth noting that only 1.24GBs of the returned raw data were whole files. The rest were too damaged for the software to recognize them.

Ontrack recognizes over 400 common file headers, which covers a large variety file types, and this list is frequently updated. Previous versions also offered a hex editor to repair headers, but this feature is no longer available with this software ??? which is, truthfully, just as well since it has the potential to harm your system if not used correctly. Kroll Ontrack does host a data recovery lab, and we highly recommend your contact them for complex data recovery situations before tackling them yourself. Like most other software packages we reviewed, this one can perform partition recovery and offers RAID recovery features. However, for network recovery, you will need to look into the Enterprise version of this software.

Raw Recovery Speed

Many recovery programs are designed to help you make your experience better while mitigating the risk you take in do-it-yourself data recovery. Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional works with your hard drives and devices to tell you if they are in anything but perfect working order. Kroll???s Bad Block Management utility warns you of potential physical damage and EasyRecovery gives you options to handle it. The software offers disk imaging to help you capture the information from the failing device for other scanning options.

Scanning large drives takes time. Ontrack was the fastest at scanning our test HDD and had above average scanning speeds on the SSD and SDXC. But even at its fastest, 18GB per hour, it would still take you longer than a day to scan a 500GB hard drive. This software can help you cut down on that time by letting you search by file type. You can also pause the scan or stop it altogether and save your progress.

Ontrack EasyRecovery has a lot of the support items we like seeing, such as remote support and an in-program help file. The user manual is a browser-based application built into the software designed to walk you through your own data recovery. While it does a good job of taking you through the process, it???s not easily searchable. The manual is not designed to answer complicated questions for advanced users. As your situation becomes increasingly technical, the documentation starts deferring questions to the Kroll technical support team, which advice you would be wise to follow.

EasyRecovery Professional is backed up by Kroll???s real-world data recovery lab. While Ontrack EasyRecovery can address many of your immediate data recovery needs, the added support of a professional data recovery service means that Kroll will be able to manage your data recovery needs beyond what EasyRecovery Professional is designed to handle.

Kroll Ontrack is a leader in data recovery, and Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional is one of the best disk recovery software brands available. The company has a proven data recovery record and it shows in its software. It gave us great recovery results in our testing, and it comes loaded with features to help make your own recovery the best possible.


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