diy alarm monitoring – Fortress 2017

If you want a comprehensive DIY security system without the burden of locked-in contracts and monthly fees, the Fortress S02-C wireless security system is an option that you should consider. Users of this system praise its ease of installation and the accuracy and reliability of its supported security devices and peripherals.

The Fortress S02-C is a pet-immune system, which means its motion sensors won’t trigger the alarm if it detects movement of animals under a certain size. This feature is a must if you have pets that move freely throughout your home and could trigger false alarms.

This Fortress system should also be easy to install. Most people claim installation took less than two hours and the manufacturer provides comprehensible instructions and online tutorial videos to ensure a seamless installation of your system.

Some of the security peripherals that come with this system include contact sensors for doors and windows, panic buttons, motion detectors and remote fobs. The security devices do require lead acid batteries that you will have to replace relatively often. Many DIY security systems use lithium batteries, which can have a battery life of several years. Most users do not seem to mind this, but longer-lasting batteries would enhance the system.

Like most DIY home security systems, you can purchase additional accessories to expand this system. Aside from the customization options this provides, it also ensures the system can grow with your needs. For example, you can expand the system if you move into a new, larger home.

A standout feature of this DIY alarm system seems to be its supplementary customer support. Most online customer reviews indicate the support provided by the manufacturer of this DIY security alarm system is stellar. A support rep will walk you through installation if you need assistance. Additionally, the company is known for sending replacement parts with no questions asked.

The Fortress S02-C DIY home alarm is a robust and comprehensive system that may be a good fit for your home. Designed to protect against threats such as fire and burglary, this system is reliable and customizable to fit your specific needs.