dvd to ipad converter – Leawo DVD Ripper, 2017

Leawo DVD Ripper earns the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for DVD to iPad converter software for several reasons. It produces a near perfect picture, manageable file sizes, and it offers a wide array of customization features. It does far more than convert DVD movies for the iPad; you can also use this program to produce files that you can play on smartphones, non-Apple tablets, gaming systems and more.


Using this DVD converter is a rather simple affair. After you???ve loaded a DVD into the application???s interface, all you need to do is select the model of iPad you own and click Convert. It takes a little less than two hours to convert a feature-length Hollywood movie for your iPad. Once the conversion is complete, simply import the resulting file into iTunes, sync it to your iPad, and you???re ready to take the movie with you wherever you please.

Before any application can convert a DVD for the iPad, it must first overcome the copy encryptions found on all commercial discs. These encryptions are intended to impede piracy, but they also prevent you from watching the movies you???ve already paid for on a device that you own. Leawo DVD Ripper has the ability to bypass these encryptions so that you don???t have to rebuy movies from download services like iTunes and Amazon.

When we tested this DVD converter, we compared the resulting movie against a digital download of the same film. We found that the converted picture was identical to that of the downloaded content and the original disc. However, the quality of the converted audio was notably inferior from the source material. We noted a weakening of fine details like the sound of footsteps and a complete loss of panning effects (sound moving from one side to the other in headphones or sound system), which creates a richer audio experience.

Every program we evaluated in our review of the best DVD to iPad converters offer a library of conversion profiles for a wide range of products. These profiles optimize your conversions for playback on nearly any device you own. Within this library are five profiles for different models of the iPad. They include models ranging from the original iPad to the latest version of the iPad Air. Some of the middling versions of the tablet, such as the iPad 2, don???t have their own conversion profile; however, the options for the other models should suffice.

Because you have limited storage capacity on your iPad, the size of your converted movie file is a major consideration when deciding what to sync. This DVD converter creates video files that are quite manageable. In our test we converted an effects-heavy Hollywood film; the resulting file was less that 2GB large. By comparison, the average file size of all the converters in our lineup was 3 GB, which means that, using this application, you can fit more DVD movies onto your iPad.


There will be times you don???t want to convert a whole DVD movie; you may only want a small portion of the film or want to adjust technical aspects of a video like bitrate, frame rate and aspect ratio. This program allows you to adjust all that as well as fine-tune other properties such as resolution and video quality. It also comes with some basic video editing tools that allow you to trim and crop footage as well as modify picture values such as brightness, contrast and saturation. This is one of the few programs that has every customization options we look for in this category.

In case you need customer or technical support, Leawo???s website can help you in short order. You can consult their FAQ section to get answers to most of the questions you???re likely to have. You can also find tutorials to walk you through all the features of tools in this DVD to iPad converter.

If you need immediate help and the FAQs don???t resolve your issue, you can contact support via Yahoo! Messenger or with Skype. However, these live chat options are only available during Leawo???s regular business hours, which are weekdays, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. GMT +8. For those living in the U.S., you???ll have to do some time-zone math to know if they???re available when you need help.

Leawo DVD Ripper is an excellent choice for converting your DVD movies for your iPad. It???s straightforward to use and learn, has every conversion and customization tool we look for and produces an outstanding picture.


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