ecommerce software – Shopify 2017

Shopify eCommerce software has a simple web-design interface and the largest number of add-ons we’ve seen in any shopping cart software. It boasts top-notch security and online education and support.


Its website design isn’t difficult to use, but you’ll make changes in the administrative section and then see the results in another window. Some eCommerce platforms let you modify the template on the template itself, which makes it easy to see the effect your changes have. One thing we really liked, however, is that Shopify immediately integrates your point-of-sale system in the setup wizard. If you have a brick-and-mortar store as well as an online business, this convenience is worth considering.

Shopify surpasses other top eCommerce solutions in its ability to integrate with third-party apps. Most companies include more features as a part of their programs but interact with fewer apps. With Shopify, you have incredible flexibility in designing your online store, but you may incur additional fees and will work with companies outside Shopify for individual features. Also, if you have the Starter plan, you cannot integrate apps.

Shopify has automated some of the best features for an online store. Customer reviews, product comparisons and image zoom let shoppers research your products right on your website, increasing the chance that they’ll purchase from you. Email confirmations and live-order tracking reassure buyers on the status of their purchases. If you’d like your customers to easily connect to a salesperson, Shopify has live chat functionality, something not all eCommerce solutions offer.

Online shoppers are wary of credit card and identity theft. Shopify has features that can put your customers at ease. This eCommerce platform utilizes a 256-bit SSL-encrypted checkout to protect personal data and is PCI compliant. For your protection, Shopify offers risk analysis, its equivalent of fraud scoring, which rates your customers on a series of known risk factors and flags potential fraudulent purchases.

This service only provides sales reports if you are on a Professional or higher plan, but it does integrate with QuickBooks and Google Analytics. You can manage your dropshipping orders via the back office as well. The administrative panel is mobile friendly, making it easier to do business on your phone or tablet.

Shopify has excellent help and support that goes beyond working the software. It has the usual ability to reach customer service by phone, email or live chat. However, the online manual is one of the best we’ve seen. Shopify’s eCommerce University has articles, mentors and programs to ensure your online business succeeds.

While many of the features involve extra fees, Shopify is one of the most flexible shopping cart programs available and is designed to grow with your business needs. It has excellent security, a good interface and strong features that, combined with the educational support for your business, make Shopify an excellent choice for eCommerce software.