edgers – Eliet, 2017

The Eliet KS 300 Pro Gas Edger provides a powerful engine and a long blade to make edging easy. Its ergonomic design and adjustable blade height make it comfortable to use.

This edger has a 4-horsepower engine that supplies ample power for both commercial and residential jobs with a four-cycle, one-cylinder setup. In case you need more power for this gas edger, it is also available with a 5.5-horsepower engine as an add-on. The starting system is a recoil instead of a push-button.

The two back wheels make using the 82-pound machine easier, and the single front wheel provides control when edging. You can add a second front wheel for greater control around flowerbeds, curbs and sidewalks. Since the front axle is in line with the blade, you can follow the edging path easily. The size of the blade combined with the speed at which it moves cuts the edge precisely and cleanly.

The padded foam handlebar provides an easy grip and is ergonomically adjustable to seven different heights. This gives you the ability to walk along behind the edger comfortably. The adjustments also provide you with plenty of legroom when lawn edging.

The steel 12-inch blade can cut deep edges and has a speed of 2,550 rpm. The length of the blade gives you a clean, deep cut. The blades are adjustable to angles of 0, 25 and 45 degrees. This adjustability is useful when you use this gas edger in high grass. An option for an eight-groove steel disk is available. A rubberized cover over the blade protects you from flying stones. The steel 6-millimeter chassis eliminates the need to tighten bolts.

The dead man’s switch for the clutch is an important feature. It maintains the clutch in an engaged position only when the control feature is held and keeps the edger from cutting out.

This gas edger comes with a three-year consumer warranty. However, the commercial warranty lasts for only one year.

The Eliet KS 300 Pro is a powerful unit outfitted with a long blade for clean cuts, and its ergonomic design provides comfort. It also has some convenient add-on options.