energy management software – EFT’s Energy, 2017

EFT’s Energy Manager AutoStart is designed for your business, especially if you have never used energy management software, or EMS, before. It lets you obtain data from one or more meters or control systems and monitor several types of utilities. It works with specific data collection devices to obtain information and transfer it to your system so it can be stored and managed. This software requires a subscription, and data can only be obtained online. Ongoing technical support is offered. Carbon emission reports and comparison reports are available for complying with government requirements as well as benchmarking your performance against your past usage and other businesses.

This energy monitoring software is a hosted service that requires internet access for you to obtain your data. The information collected about your utility use is found on a provided website, which requires a subscription. A one-year subscription to this website is provided when you purchase the EFT software, but you need to renew it each year.

Data is uploaded to the website either manually or through data-collecting devices like the EFT Nano, EFT Optimizer, EFT DATATrak or Tridium JACE. Information, such as the amount of water, electricity, natural gas or steam you use, is obtained by the devices at the control system or meter and transferred to the EFT center. You can then log onto the website and manage the information and obtain reports. Energy management systems then analyze all of the data and provide you with results you can understand.

This EMS offers several options when it comes to reporting, including annual reports, building performance reports and multiple meter reports. In addition, carbon emission reports are available to help you keep up with government and legal obligations your company might have. Comparison reports are also offered, letting you compare your energy usage to your past use and other companies.

Support for this building energy management system is provided from the start but doesn’t stop there. You also receive user training and ongoing support from qualified professionals who can help you with everything from login problems to technical issues.

Having an energy manager system in place can help you monitor energy consumption and save money. EFT AutoStart requires a subscription but works with several data-collection devices, analyzes data for you and helps you obtain reports that you need to meet regulatory requirements. You also receive plenty of ongoing support and can benchmark your company against past use and comparable companies.