expense tracking services – BizXpense Tracker 2017

BizXpenseTracker is a business expense tracking service that is also a mobile app. This means you can take this program with you and enter receipt information immediately after the purchase rather than saving receipts for later. This app also tracks miles traveled for work related trips and tracks time when you are working on a specific project. The amount of features and tools included with this app is only part of the reason BizXpense is our Top Ten Review Bronze Award winner for expense tracking services.

Expense, Miles & Time Tracking

This program allows you to use your device camera to take a quick picture of your receipt or invoice. BizXpense uses OCR intelligent scan technology to extract data from your receipts and enter it into appropriate fields, so you don’t have to manually enter information on your own. We did notice while testing that if other numbers were included on the receipt, such as sales rates or promotional coupons, that BizXpense sometimes misreads them for the purchase total and will enter this number into the app. It isn’t difficult to manually change this, and all other information was correctly recorded.

In addition to tracking expenses, BizXpense lets you track time that you spend on a particular project. You simply set a timer and do your work. When you’re done and stop the timer, time will be automatically recorded so all you have to do is designate which project and what work was done for that time period. This is especially useful if you bill clients for hours worked and that work is done outside of your office or away from your time management program.

BizXpenseTracker has fields so you can track miles traveled while on a business trip. The IRS does give tax credits for miles traveled for business, so being able to record this information is a good way to save your business money. However, unlike other expense tracking services we reviewed, BizXpense doesn’t include GPS tracking capabilities. However, for an additional charge, you can upgrade your services to include this feature that automatically tracks and records your miles traveled.

In addition to tracking your business expenses, it is helpful when solutions include additional features to make accounting and budgeting more easy. BizXpenseTracker allows you to create email invoices and export CSV files that are compatible with accounting software, including QuickBooks and FreshBooks. These files are also compatible with ADP payroll services. This app doesn’t have designated budgeting tools, but you can tag an expense to be reimbursed when it’s time to run payroll.

BizXpenseTracker is only one of two solutions we reviewed that provides every support option we looked for. This company provides several video tutorials to help you and your employees learn how to use this app. If you have a question, you can check out the FAQs section for a quick response. If the answer isn’t there, both email and telephone support are answered by very helpful, courteous and professional individuals.

Accounting & Budgeting

BizXpenseTracker is a great mobile app for tracking your business expenses, miles traveled for work and time spent on a project. This information can be used to create an invoice from the program, or it can be saved into CSV files to be shared with your accounting software or payroll service. The only major drawback is the OCR scan at times misreads receipts and enters some incorrect information, though you have the ability to save these images and manually change any discrepancies.

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