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CBS Sports Fantasy Sports, one of the best in the world, offers the second-widest array of fantasy sports with a healthy range of paid packages. You can also try the major games for free before you decide to pay for the full-featured packages. If anything, CBS Sports Fantasy Sports software offers an over stimulating confusion of links, stats and games – but if you’re serious about your fantasy sports you will find everything you need here.


Standout Features

Fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy golf, fantasy auto racing, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey and college basketball brackets can all be played at CBS Sports Fantasy Sports. When setting up a league you will need to register with CBS Sports, which is free.

Then you can name your league, select how many teams you want to have in it, how many divisions and choose your scoring system type: standard, performance, or TD heavy (for football). Standard seem to refer to head-to-head. Performance represents a scoring model that awards different levels of performance bonus and rewards (for instance) longer distance touchdowns. TD heavy only awards points for touchdowns.

The scoring on some of the free CBS Sports Fantasy Sports games has its own monikers – different from the named scoring models you will see with different software products (such as head-to-head, roto, etc). When you pay for a premium package, you can select more specific scoring systems such as head-to-head or points-based.

Standard fantasy hockey scoring is head-to-head. This can be customized with paid premium leagues.

Game/League Types

Each game within the CBS Sports Fantasy Sports software features several levels of game play from free on up to paid premium packages.

Join free public or private leagues with the plain old Fantasy Football game. This is all free, all season: great for beginners but most certainly lacking in features for more advanced fantasy gamers.

Fantasy Football Premium Games offer four levels of paid, full-featured and prize-eligible fantasy football play: Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Double Diamond. The features seem to be all great and identical with the exception of prize money and cost. Clearly, the more money you pay into a premium game, the more you become eligible to win. Gold pricing starts as $39.99 for the first team and $29.99 for each additional team with a prize money level of $200. Platinum pricing starts at $99.99 for your first team and $79.99 for each additional team with a prize money level of $600. Diamond league costs $249.99 for your first team and $199.99 for each additional team and prize money of $1,600. Double Diamond – the highest premium level at CBS Sports Fantasy Sports begins at $499.99 for your first team and $449.99 for each additional team. The available prize money at this level is a whopping $3,500.

If you’re looking to be a commissioner Fantasy Football Commissioner begins at $149.95 depending on the options you choose. Begin by selecting Fantasy Football Commissioner and you will be prompted to name your league, decide how many teams and divisions there will be, and invite your managers to join the league and begin naming their teams. You will also select your league rules, scoring system, schedule and playoffs, draft and rosters at this time.

Mock drafts and a downloadable draft kit are other products offered for fantasy football games.

Fantasy baseball packages offer comparable levels of free and premium paid play: Fantasy Baseball Free, Fantasy Baseball Premium Games and Fantasy Baseball Commissioner.


Fantasy Hockey Premium Games offer two levels of premium, prize-eligible leagues: Gold and Platinum. Gold level is $29.99 to enter your first team and $24.99 for additional teams with a prize money level of $150. Platinum level begins at $99.99 for your first team entry fee, $79.99 for each additional team and a prize level of up to $600 in cash. Fantasy hockey games on CBS also include mock drafts and a downloadable draft kit.

Or you can opt to play for free in Fantasy Hockey Free.


CBS Sports Fantasy Sports is chock full of features within and without each of your fantasy leagues. Leagues feature all the required elements such as live scoring, customizable and etc. Some of the standout research oriented features include Rate My Draft and Fantasy University.

Rate My Draft allows you to submit your draft to CBS Fantasy Sports experts and they will evaluate your progress and clue you in to special tips applicable to your specific situation. This feature could definitely imbue your league with a bit of an advantage over competitors, though anyone can submit their draft for specialized advice as well, it’s still cool and unique to this software.

Fantasy University is another unique feature to CBS. It’s a kind of fantasy 101 for those unfamiliar with the ways of fantasy games. Baseball, football and basketball fantasy games are all covered here as “core classes” to help the beginner understand the nature of fantasy games and can teach anyone to be successful at these games. You can also take a “College Hoops Bracketology” seminar.

Help was inordinately hard to find for CBS Sports Fantasy Sports software. Searching “help” seemed to be the easiest way to find the pop-up FAQs page where you can then search by keyword and perform advanced searches to access all manner of technical answers to fantasy league questions.


There is a help center located within each league but it was offline and non-functional as of this review. In which case, the main CBS Sports Help pop-up advised us to submit our question under the “Ask a Question” tab in the pop-up.

CBS Sports Fantasy Sports software offers a lot of options for all levels of fantasy gamer from beginner to obsessive/compulsive semi-pros.