front load washer – Samsung WF5200 2017

The Samsung WF5200 is a high-functioning, large capacity front-load washing machine with a state of the art technology and features that make it one of the best front load washing machines on the market. It’s an attractive front-load washer with innovative features that you can control with its LCD touchscreen or from your smart phone. This machine also has a nice selection of wash cycles and options. For these reasons and more, this Samsung WF5200 front load washer earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Energy Cost & Efficiency

This washer is ENERGY STAR-qualified. This means it is a product that conserves energy and will, by extension, save you money on utility bills. It also helps to protect the environment. This Samsung front-loading washer is one of the most energy-efficient on our lineup, coming in at the cheapest to operate at just $10.72 a year. The annual water usage costs are also low at just $10.24 per year.

The Samsung WF5200 front-load washer features a tub with a capacity of 4.2 cubic feet, which is large enough to decrease the number of loads you have to do overall. While it’s not the biggest washtub in our lineup, it is big enough to facilitate the laundry needs of a good-sized family and cut down on the number of wash loads you need to do on wash day.; This machine has vibration control via Samsung’s vibration-reduction technology. The 3-D vibration sensors on the machine help to lessen vibrations and noise so the washer operates quietly. This machine also has a unique function that releases steam from the bottom of the tub instead of the top, which is far more common. This results in a deeper clean since the saturation of clothing is more complete.

The machine also comes with a sanitize cycle that is National Sanitation Foundation certified, which means it adheres to the strict standards of public health and safety. Its cycle uses a high water temperature to remove up to 99.9 percent of bacteria that can be found on clothing and other laundry items. It also has prewash and stain pretreat options to help you get rid of stubborn stains and freshen odors.

You can control and monitor this front-load washer via a smartphone app that is available on the iPhone and the Samsung GALAXY smartphone. You can use it from either inside or outside of your home, a feature we found impressive. The app can even send you a notification when your laundry is done.

This Samsung front-load washer sits 38 11/16 inches high without the optional pedestal drawer, 27 inches wide and 33 inches deep. If you get the optional pedestal drawer, the appliance will sit at 53 3/5 inches high, and it will cost you extra. Additionally, the washer depth is 51 1/5 inches with the door open.


You can save three favorite cycles under “My Cycles.” These saved settings can include water temperature, soil level, spin speed and other wash options for convenient and quick selection of the options that you use most often. Additionally, this front-load washer has 10 different wash options to choose from with each load.

There are a total of nine cycles and 10 preset options with this washer. We were happy to see this front-loading washer include the standard wash cycles available on most washers, along with a few less common ones designed for items that don’t typically fit into one of the preset wash cycles. For instance, this washer has steam washing, bedding and a self-clean cycle. It also has standard wash cycles such as a normal, heavy duty and sanitize. This Samsung washer includes a handful of specialty cycles, such as active kids and baby. There are some specialty options too, such as a delayed start up to 24 hours, a prewash and an extra rinse. A child lock on this washer will prevent your child from tampering with it when you’re not around.

This Samsung front-loading washer includes an adequate warranty. The motor warranty is better than that of the competition. However the tub’s warranty of three years falls well short of some of the other products in our lineup, several of which have lifetime warranties. The parts on the appliance and any labor necessary is covered for the first two years. In the event that you need warranty service on your appliance, you can request service from the Samsung website, which is convenient.

You can contact Samsung for warranty assistance or any help and support you may need by phone, email and via live chat. To get support via email you simply fill out an online contact form on the Samsung website and they will contact you. You are able to access the appliance’s user manual, FAQs and product-specific tutorial on the Samsung website as well.

The Samsung WF52000 front-loader washing machine gives you an impressive capacity to clean large loads of wash and do so effectively with nine cycles and 10 preset options. You can also control and monitor your washer from your smartphone, which is a nice convenience if you are often on the go. It is an energy-efficient machine that will save you money on utility bills and help the environment. Overall, this is one of the highest functioning machines on the market.


Wash Cycles & Options

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