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Manage your podcasts, run scripts and edit HTML with CuteFTP. This software offers fast, secure transfers and supports anonymous and single use passwords.


This approval winning FTP program supports popular security protocols like SSH, SSL/TLS encryption, HTTPS pages and several ciphers, including TripleDES, Blowfish and Twofish. CuteFTP also supports on–the–fly compression and compression to.zip,.cab and.gzip type files.

CuteFTP has just about everything you could want in FTP software, it supports secure transfers, has a site manager, folder tools and numerous global options. GlobalSCAPE offers this software for $59.99 per license or discounted packs, such as 10 licenses for $419.90. You can choose from seven interface languages and they offer a Windows and Mac version.

CuteFTP offers some of the best transfer security you will find in an FTP program. It supports a variety of ciphers, such as TripleDES, ARCFOUR, CAST128, Twofish and Blowfish. This software also supports OpenPGP (encryption, decryption and signing), SSH2 (SFTP) and SSL (FTPS and HTTPS) type transfers. CuteFTP offers Clear Command Channel compatibly as well as single use and anonymous login support. In terms of verification, it offers some filters and CRC checks.

If you need Secure Shell 2 type security, this is the best program for you, because SmartFTP does not support the SSH2 protocol.

CuteFTP can support up to 100 simultaneous transfers. It has a “keep alive” feature, reconnect and resume. This program can also open multiple connections and is UPnP and NAT compatible.

Connectivity/Transfer Abilities

This FTP software supports ASCII and Binary transfers and has an auto setting and it can compress utilizing Mode Z. It has a good set of folder tools, including synchronizing, comparing, backup local to remote, backup remote and monitor local folders. This program does not however support as many proxies as SmartFTP.

This program has nearly as many user tools as SmartFTP and FlashFTP, including drag & drop tools, history logs, refresh, transfer queues, progress monitor, scheduling and priority lists. Unlike many FTP programs, CuteFTP is equipped to manage podcasts and audio files and includes an HTML editor. Unfortunately, this program has few directory tools.

CuteFTP enables users the freedom to configure general, connections, prompt, queue, transfer and interface settings.

GlobalSCAPE offers all kinds of support, except free telephone support, they offer telephone support only through their Priority Support Plan. But they do provide comprehensive embedded help and online support through user forums, a searchable knowledgebase, email support and a downloadable user manual.

If you do high volume transfers, want to work with UNIX type systems or use a Mac, CuteFTP is the best program for you. However, if you are interested in a 64–bit program or need more verification methods, check out SmartFTP.

User Tools

Technical Help/Support